Balmain Peninsular Transport History


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Duncan MacAuslan

Balmain Peninsular Transport History provides a fascinating insight into the ferries, trams, railways, horse and motor buses of a bygone era. From the early days watermen rowed residents from Millers Point to wharves at the east end of the peninsula. As the population grew the watermen formed a ferry company under the control of the Perdriau family which in the 1880s became the Balmain Steam Ferry Company providing services to wharves on both the north and south sides of the peninsula. Duncan’s book takes us on a journey from the days of those very early ferries and horse drawn buses, through the era of trams to the present day.

Balmain Peninsula Transport History is published by the Balmain Association and sponsored by Cobden and Hayson.

Soft Cover, 102 Pages, 2016

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