Balmain Speaks Out

The Balmain Association is presenting this exhibition about the protests and

struggles over the years that helped to preserve our heritage, our history and our

community. Issues such as ferry services, container terminal, coal loader, army at

Mort Bay, Mort Housing development, the five sites etc. etc. Also early days of

protest and advocacy by people such as Maybanke Anderson who lived in Wharf Rd

and later produced a fortnightly paper, Woman’s Voice, in 1890s.

If you have a story, some photos that you would like included in the exhibition

please contact one of the following. Email: or

phone Kathleen 9818 4954, Ross 9810 8592

Please join us for drinks at 2pm Saturday 8 April

The exhibition will be open during April on Saturdays 8, 15, 22 and 29,

11.30 to 3pm and Tuesdays 11, 18, 25 11am to 1pm.