Book Launch – Little Girl Lost


Little Lost Girl

Graham Wilson

Graham is a self published local author who formerly lived in Balmain and now lives in the Rocks.

He has written 3 novels called the ‘Old Balmain House’ Series. These are predominantly set in Balmain from the 1840s to current day. To date he has sold them overseas as ebooks.

He is now releasing the second edition as a print book to be launched on

Thursday 23 February, 6-8 pm.

Graham invites all to attend.

From the author’s note:

This is a work of fiction. However many locations and parts of the history of Balmain are true. For those who are interested there is factual information behind the story in the Appendix. The idea for this novel began soon after they purchased a much loved cottage in Balmain where they found a sepia photo of a small girl who lived in the house about 100 years ago.