The exhibition Divergence unites four artists Melony Smirniotis, Jessika Steiner, Yumi Takahashi and Christine Wiltshier, who have produced bodies of work that are unique in style though celebrate a common committment to their independent narratives.

Christine Wiltshier’s collection of contemporary cross stitched and screen printed Sample errrrrs, playfully repeat comments shared with her whilst she worked with this exacting of traditional needlework stitches. Melony’s mixed media work takes the viewer on a visual and tactile journey whilst Jessika engages through colour and gestural energy. Yumi Takahashi’s work is a personal study into the self. The immediacy of watercolour is a meditative response in seeking out the unconditioned self. Aptly titled ‘Divergence’, the diversity of forms and styles showcased within the sandstone walls of The Balmain Watch House make this exhibition a visual feast not to be missed.

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