Balmain Association
Family Histories

Alfred Hancock and family

The Balmain Association has a series of Family Histories. Some are donated, some from our own research, some from historical sources while some are from a combination of all three.

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Aiton Thomas and Mary
Anderson Maybanke
Atkins Edward Stephen
Balmain Jane
Barnier Rev Joseph
Barwick James Eli
Bates William
Batty Thomas
Beach William
Black Morrice Alexander
Blackburn Vincent Henry
Blackburn Vincent and family
Bloxsome Oswald
Bourne Royce
Boyle Thomas and Jane McGrath
Bracegirdle Captain Frederick
Brown family (Kerkin)
Bugden Thomas
Burrill coach builder
Burt James and Mary
Butler George
Caldicott Philip James
Cameron Stuart
Carlo George Alsop
Carlson Ole and Barbara
Cavill John
Chidgey family
Clarke Henry Thomas
Coates John
Cooper Albert
Cunningham Eleanor
Curtiss Louise
Deamon John and Elizabeth
Degotardi Johann
Deloitte Family
Doughty Arthur
Drake David and Florence
Drew Sarah Elizabeth
Drury Elizabeth
Duggan and Weir families
Edge AE Stella Frances LOW
Ellis George
Ferrier William
Ford Frederick and Clarissa
Ford James see Milham
Forrester George James
Fountain Albert EV
Garrard Jacob
Graham John
Greenwell Thomas Blackett
Griffiths Robert and Margaret
Hagan Benjamin and Barbara
Hall family ‘Kid Sister’
Hancock James
Hancock Alice Eleanor

Hatton Joseph and Ann
Hoffmann Charles and Bridget
Holdsworth Thomas
Holliday Thomas and Jane
Holmes Henry
Huntley George & Annie Sheringham
Huntley Dr Robert
Jordan Frederick
Jung family
Keller family
Kerkin family (Brown)
King William Samuel
Liddy James
Lions John Maximillian
Mackay Captain John
McClemens Captain John
McKenzie Thomas
McKenzie from Dalkeith
Milham Hannah
Milne James
Mitchell Henry
Mitchell John Alexander
Napier Ruby Alice
Nicholson John
Pashley James Andrew
Perdriau Henry Carter
Peterson Fanily
Pont Phillip see Milham
Porteous Archibald
Purdon Francis
Purdy William
Quiggin Thomas (Knowles)
Rattray Jim
Robinson Frederick
Sherriff JohnLiddle
Smith, Thomas 1829-1882
Spencer Von Sturner
Stack Canon William
Sutton Thomas William Sutton
Swan Andrew
Tatham family
Vale Sydney Herbert
Waterman George
Watson John Colin
Waugh family
Webb John Henry
Wheeler James Joseph
Wilson William
Wise Pliny William
Wood William Henry