‘First by 4’


This is the first group exhibition by four Sydney artists, drawn together through interconnecting and longstanding friendships and their backgrounds in graphic design. It will highlight the individual nature of their artistic paths and the inspiration they find in all that surrounds them.

The pieces presented in ‘First by 4’ will be as individual the four artists who have created them – four women who have been drawn together through friendship, and who all have a background in graphic design.

Nita Lewis has reverted to charcoal drawings in an effort to simplify her approach, after oil painting for many years.

Jo Martin is inspired by nature, especially the ocean. She focuses on sustainability, aiming to create her artworks from found or gifted pieces.

Nicole Miranda is a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist who works in the mediums of painting and ceramics; she is influenced by the beauty of the natural world.

Nina Paine has been captivated by the potential intrigue of the built environment (doors in particular) with her watercolours.