Friends Celebrate the Essence of Nature

The mosaic artist Gretel Peristone, photographer Carol D’Amici and The MoDeMa Group of mosaicists are exhibiting their latest works which are inspired by the beauty of Nature.

Light, colour, birds and the changing seasons are captured using a variety of mosaic and photographic media.

Gretel Peristone has been exploring the art of mosaics for over 15 years and is drawn to the ancient medium of Italian and Mexican Smalti combined with found objects.She has recently completed a major commission to be installed in the Southern Highlands.

Carol D’Amici previously has  exhibited her stunning photos of Nature,  capturing that elusive moment between light and shade.

Mollie Pegler, Deb Kane and Margaret Tessarolo, through their friendship and love of mosaics, formed The MoDeMa Mosaic Group. They have enjoyed exhibiting at Balmain Watch House as well as Rozelle, Cremorne and Lindfield.