Impressions of Balmain and Beyond 2017


All exhibited works are available at affordable prices.

Allan Coker is a renowned sporting and Outback photographer. His works of land and seascapes have a painterly effect.

Corinne Gaston uses a range of media. She travelled extensively in Asia and Tibet and her works reflect the natural and cultural influences about her.

Barbara Hamilton is watercolour and acrylic painter, with a fluid painting style, of the harbor, coastal scenes and inner city street-scenes..

Carlie Lopez is a sculptor with a quirky style, carving aerated concrete, sandstone and limestone; hand-building and welding scrap metal.

Stephanie Maraz works in mixed media, printmaking and sketching, emphasizing colour, shape, shadow and reflection, texture, and experimentation.

Jenny Saunders-Thompson is a watercolourist in the wet-on-wet technique, painting the harbour, boats and bays as well as local streetscapes, landscapes, still life, flora and fauna.