Launch of Streets, Lanes and Places 2017


The Back in 1994 Yvonne Davidson and Kathleen Hamey completed their research on the names of all the streets, lanes and places in the Balmain Peninsula and the Balmain Association published the first edition of the book Streets, Lanes and Places was published.

Their introduction asked, ‘What’s in a name?’ and proceeded to give the answers in a long list of track names, family members, local and colonial politicians and officials, reminders of their homes in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland and a variety of other sources.

Street names haven’t remained constant and many have changed, sometimes for political reasons and others to assist in unique identification. The disappearance of large industrial estates such as Mort’s Dock, and the Monsanto chemical factory, allowed new streets to be created and thus needed the derivation recorded. Revised editions were published in 1996 and in 2005 with these changes inserted as an appendix.

This year, as stocks of the 2005 edition began to run down, the Association agreed to republish the book and at the same time reset the type and amend some of the text. It was decided to add new sections covering the names of parks and waterfront features around the peninsula.

A few new streets were added, and a couple of text corrections made. The new section on parks covers those not named after the street they are in. Waterside features were included to complete the story. Several locations have had several names such as Mort Bay which was originally Grose Bay and then Waterview Bay.

The new edition will be launched at the Balmain Association’s Christmas function at 2pm on 9 December.

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Balmain Peninsula, Streets Lanes and Places 1836-2017.
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