Lines and Shapes


Michiyo Miwa is a Sumi-e (Japanese inkwash) painter. Her main subjects for paintings are plants and landscapes around the Blue Maintains area where she lives now. She has also created a series of works on the Birchgrove and Balmain area, where she once lived some time ago. This art form mainly consists of lines created by brush strokes. In this sense, it is closer to calligraphy than painting.

Jillian Culey’s connection with weaving began nearly 20 years ago when she lived and worked on a remote island in the Pacific. After a long hiatus Jillian reconnected with weaving 8 years ago. Now working with a wide variety of natural materials, she enjoys experimenting with various techniques including, twining, ribbed construction, random weave and string making. Jillian has had the opportunity to learn from a range of master weavers both in Australia and overseas. She has exhibited her work in galleries nationally.