Chris Donaldson’s exhibition consists of over forty photographs in both digital colour, and film & darkroom produced black & white, marking significant moments in time and place from inland Australia to the streets of New York – from Venice to London – Iceland to Peru and much in between.

I love the way photographs record in fine detail moments that would otherwise be lost in our fading memories. But more than that, they can be expressive works of art that have a beauty and meaning that extend beyond the actual experience of the moment.

The forty plus works to be exhibited here have been made in many countries across the world, with an emphasis on inland and outback Australia, but in all cases marking times and places of significance, both large and small.

I have drawn from the natural and built environments, the historic, the modern, the amusing and the poignant.

In these photographs I have used Arches Aquarelle paper for the digital colour prints, and Ilford fibre based classic papers for the film produced darkroom prints.