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BA will present this exhibition looking at the Life and Death of Industries, the Balmain cemetery and many personal observations. Do you think any of your ancestors were buried in the Balmain Cemetery? Come along to the Watch House during History Week and we can…

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An event not to be missed! It’s Spring again and after 10 years the Balmain Association is planning another opportunity to visit some of the spectacular gardens in our area. We will have open for inspection a variety of the wonderful gardens – some large,…

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The Balmain Association will present a series of photographs by David Liddle of local people from non Anglo backgrounds. Also on display will be a selection of photos from his Balmain book and photos from the series, ‘people in the streets of Balmain’. Join us…

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The Back in 1994 Yvonne Davidson and Kathleen Hamey completed their research on the names of all the streets, lanes and places in the Balmain Peninsula and the Balmain Association published the first edition of the book Streets, Lanes and Places was published. Their introduction…

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Balmain Association presents a Bruce Petty retrospective and Jan wood’s interpretation of POP, “From Gramophone to Google”. “From Gramophone to Google”. There are 3 Aspects PRE POP ie Pre plastic – Pre 1958 as epitomised by Bakelite (78 records  were made of this) and  Australia very much a  part of the British Empire. POP – 1958 onwards – The Age of Plastic (45’s were called Vinyls) The Age of Americanisation and Capitalism with a background setting of the Cold War. POST POP – The Digital Age – Globalisation – The mobile phone The Age of the Internet. The paintings encourage the viewer to Google key words and open discourse on what POP means to them.