My name is Kate Nielsen, and I am a Sydney based artist who mainly works with oil paint on canvas. My two dominant subjects are ‘Landscape’ and ‘Interiors’, because of their connection to place.

Painting ‘Landscape’ enables me to feel a sense of connection to the natural environment, a need which is intrinsic to human nature. I enjoy the play of light and shade, the restorative nature of water, the natural linear rhythms created by the structure of the trees, the power of the expressive use of colour and the timeless quiet of rock formations.

The ‘Interior’ represents place, as it is an expression of personal values, experiences and the ‘sacred’ objects of its creator. My Interiors emanate from the personal spaces of family, friends and other places of importance to me. They reflect the spirit created by the everyday juxtaposition of objects and patterns which go into the making up of peoples lives, and the need to create their own ‘nest’ in our world.