“POP” at the Watch House


Balmain Association presents a Bruce Petty retrospective and Jan wood’s interpretation of POP, “From Gramophone to Google”.

“From Gramophone to Google”.

There are 3 Aspects

  1. PRE POP ie Pre plastic – Pre 1958 as epitomised by Bakelite (78 records  were made of this) and  Australia very much a  part of the British Empire.
  2. POP – 1958 onwards – The Age of Plastic (45’s were called Vinyls)

The Age of Americanisation and Capitalism with a background setting of the Cold War.

  1. POST POP – The Digital Age – Globalisation – The mobile phone

The Age of the Internet.

The paintings encourage the viewer to Google key words and open discourse on what POP means to them.