Due to Covid restrictions this exhibition was postponed to 2022.

This will be the third time it has been postponed so we all have our fingers crossed that “third time will be lucky”.

Open Studio Printmakers is a lively group of artists who come together, to explore and expand the enduring practice of printmaking, resulting in distinctive and contemporary works on paper. Lino and wood cuts, screen prints, solar prints and etchings are some of the methods used to create this exciting exhibition. Artworks reflect original creative thinking, by using a wide range of styles and techniques; their use limited only by imagination.

With no show in 2020, this printmaking collective will once again exhibit works of professional quality and range. The group regards these exhibitions as an opportunity to showcase the time honoured medium of printmaking to the wider community. Visitors will not be disappointed!

A wide range of framed and unframed works will be included, and all are available at reasonable prices.

Media Contact: Sabina Morrow 0414 975 748 /