Four lifelong friends, who were born in Latin American countries but who have lived most of their lives in Australia, have combined their efforts to exhibit their eclectic and powerful art. The artists are:  Beatriz Copello:  In her Abstract Intuitional style she reflects the Australian landscape.   Clara Elena Uribe Norman:  Creates earthy sculptures inspired by Australia.  Carmen Julia Henry: Her Cosmic Impressionist paintings take the viewer on a trip from the land to the stars.  Maggie Escarting:  In her paintings she celebrates the lives of children, her style is uniquely Naïve.  She also will exhibit a collection of paintings that try to replicate her grandmother’s lace making with her intricate and detailed art.

Dr Anne Summers, Author and Journalist will open the exhibition
on Saturday 17th of June at 6pm. 
Please join us for wine and nibbles.

 Copello image