South Coast artist Hela Donela comes back to Balmain with her third annual exhibition at the Watch House.

The exhibition explores the theme of TOUCH from various aspects.

Hela absorbs simple moments of life: beautiful and painful and processes them into paintings. Through her paintings Hela calls the viewer to take a moment in a hectic world – to pause, feel and to allow them to touch the viewer emotionally.

Hela’s works and the use of ┬ámetalire or egg shells as well as the textured nature of the paintings, call the viewer to touch. During the exhibition Hela opens selected paintings to careful touch by the viewer. She encourages a new and sensory approach to experiencing visual art : through vision, sound, words AND feeling the painting with touch.

Hela will be available to share the stories and discuss her paintings. This exhibition is one not to miss. Her previous exhibitions a the Balmain Watch House were a great success attracting local and visiting audiences and selling a large number of paintings.