What’s not to L.O.V.E.


Artist, Christeene Britton, returns to the Balmain Watch House weekend 23-24 November. She will be exhibiting in Open Studio Trail as part of IWC’s EDGE Program (see events).

Britton’s classic colourful ink works as well as her textural acrylic on canvas pieces will be presented as a celebration of ‘What’s not to L.O.V.E.’ Britton brings a sense of harmony, balance & intrigue to her works to encourage and support a positive aesthetic vibe. Having a background in interior design her pieces are becoming highly collectable sitting comfortably within a combination of eclectic, classic and or contemporary settings. This exhibition will also offer a selection of handmade crocheted wire jewellery. This jewellery appeals to those seeking that individual piece – a selection of which feature semi-precious stones specially paired to create stunning earrings which are super comfortable to wear given their lightness regardless of size. As these earrings are all hand crafted you will need to be early in order to view the entire range given their popularity. The Watch House is such a beautiful environment to showcase ‘What’s not to L.O.V.E.’ – please feel free to pop in over the weekend.

Her wire earrings which are unbelievably light weight & appeal to those seeking that individual piece.

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