Work on paper and plants


Cancelled due to Family commitments.

Migrated to Australia from Japan, Michiyo has been practicing Sumi painting (Japanese inkwash painting). The subtle gray hue and striking blackness created by sumi (ink made of soot), and warm texture of handmade paper are the elements of sumi painting. Like calligraphy, in sumi painting, once you make a mark on the paper with a brush stroke, you cannot change and the brush stroke shows the exact state of your mind at that moment.

Also, her fascination with plants led to different types of art forms (she calls it plants art). One type is a plant arranged with a woven sculpture – not quite a flower arrangement as she mainly uses dried or burnt branches, weeds with seeds, and so on. Another type is the growing of a plant (often orchid) on a rock, a piece of dead wood, or a trunk of fern.

Looking forward to Hikari exhibiting with us in the future.