Australia’s favourite boy on the loose in the streets of Balmain!


Ginger Meggs, “Australia’s favourite boy”, and his twin brother, Bluey,
are the heroes in a 1925 silent movie, “Those Terrible Twins, Ginger Meggs
and Bluey”, restored by the National Film and Sound Archive, and made
freely available on YouTube.

Aside from its entertainment value, the reconstructed 35 minute movie
provides a tantalising glimpse into the Balmain of a century ago, also
featuring scenes shot in the ruins of the old Balmain School of Arts.
The ghost of “Bleak House”, a long-lost villa of which no images survive,
also makes a surprise guest appearance.

This research article by Balmain Association member Mark Calabretta, Ginger Meggs and Bluey in Balmain, identifies all scenes and all points of interest in the movie that relate to Balmain and provides them with historical context.

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