The Balmain Watch House is available for hire as an exhibition space. Bookings are usually for one weekend.

The Watch House is located at 179 Darling St Balmain NSW

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Interested exhibitors should submit their preferred dates by July for exhibiting the following year.

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For those who haven’t seen the exhibition come and find out the varied crimes that happened in Balmain. For others refresh your memory as to why people thought that anybody who choose to move to Balmain must have been crazy.  

2019 May Saturday 25, 11.30-3, Tuesday 28, 11-1 and June Saturday 1, 11.30-3 Tuesday 4, 11-1


Richard Sercombe’s latest exhibition includes new work and clearance sale of past works. Drop in and view Richard’s latest work as well as an extensive clearance sale of previously exhibited works. Light refreshments are offered over the whole weekend.  

2019 June Saturday 8, Sunday, 9 and Monday 10 10am to 6pm

Opening Friday 7 at 7.30 All welcome.


The exhibition Divergence unites four artists Melony Smirniotis, Jessika Steiner, Yumi Takahashi and Christine Wiltshier, who have produced bodies of work that are unique in style though celebrate a common committment to their independent narratives. Christine Wiltshier’s collection of contemporary cross stitched and screen printed Sample errrrrs, playfully repeat comments shared with her whilst she worked with this exacting of traditional needlework stitches. Melony’s mixed media work takes the viewer on a visual and tactile journey whilst Jessika engages through colour and gestural energy. Yumi Takahashi’s work is a personal study into the self. The immediacy of watercolour is a meditative response in seeking out the unconditioned self. Aptly titled ‘Divergence’, the diversity of forms and styles showcased within the sandstone walls of The Balmain Watch House make this exhibition a visual feast not to be missed. Instagram -@jessika.steiner @cwildfibre @_yumi_takahashi_ @melonykarasmirniotis_artist  

2019 June Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16, 11am to 6pm

Opening Friday 14 6-8pm All welcome


‘Take hART’ is the 23rd annual exhibition from Balmain hART stART studio at the Watch house. Audiences will be treated with expressive artworks, rich in exploration of colour and texture. This exhibition is for people who enjoy paintings in modernist styles with strong emphasis on individual expression. What has sustained hART stART studio for 24 years in Balmain is the hART stART method which encourages mindfulness, personal growth, and a sincere friendship which grows between members. Through modernist methods, all members develop a confident personal style in an atmosphere of warm friendly support hART stART studio meets for afternoon and evening classes on Tuesdays in a designated art studio, just a few minutes walk from The Balmain Watch House. The next FREE introductory trial class for new members will be on Tuesday 23rd July at 1pm or 6.30pm. To reserve a place, phone Gary on 0410639819 or apply at www.hartstartstudio.com.au…

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2019 June Saturday 22 10-4.30 and Sunday 2310-4

Drinks with the artists Sat 22, 1-3pm All welcome


extraTexture are excited to be again exhibiting at the Balmain Watch House. We are a group of five textile and mixed media artists who are passionate about expressing our love of colour, form and texture in our primarily fibre based work. This year our exhibition has the theme Continuum which the dictionary defines as a sequence, something that keeps on going changing slowly over time. Our group work is one interpretation of the theme which reflects the highs and lows of life.  

2019 June Saturday 29, Sunday 30 June 10-4, and July Friday 5 10-3, Saturday 6 10-4, Sunday 7 10-3

Opening Saturday 29 June All are invited to meet the artists at 2.00pm

No exhibition but please come and browse our archives.

2019 July Saturday 11.30 am to 3pm


This is an exhibit of my traditional Chinese water colours and calligraphy. This exhibit is a collection of my work over the past ten years. These watercolours and calligraphy are all about water. Water is like bodies and dancing, water can be quiet like fog and it can be energetic and overwhelming like a waterfall or sharp and unpredictable like a storm. These peaceful painting use water to give meaning and space. I like to explore landscapes and nature in its many beauties and colours. I delve into my memories of beautiful places and I make images that are delicate and full of dreams. My traditional calligraphy is part of my culture, it is deeply ancient, meaningful and vast like the oceans. Together the words and colours work together take us to a peaceful world. Artist Xu Yi  

2019 Saturday 20 July and Sunday 21, 11am to 4pm

Opening Friday 19 4.30 to 7pm All welcome


More information to follow

2019 July Saturday 27 and Sunday 28

Friday 26


Migrated to Australia from Japan, Michiyo has been practicing Sumi painting (Japanese inkwash painting). The subtle gray hue and striking blackness created by sumi (ink made of soot), and warm texture of handmade paper are the elements of sumi painting. Like calligraphy, in sumi painting, once you make a mark on the paper with a brush stroke, you cannot change and the brush stroke shows the exact state of your mind at that moment. Also, her fascination with plants led to different types of art forms (she calls it plants art). One type is a plant arranged with a woven sculpture – not quite a flower arrangement as she mainly uses dried or burnt branches, weeds with seeds, and so on. Another type is the growing of a plant (often orchid) on a rock, a piece of dead wood, or a trunk of fern.

2019 August Saturday 3 and Sunday 4, 11-4


Open Studio Printmakers are experienced graduate artists who continue exploring the joys of printmaking. Printmaking processes include linocuts, woodcuts, etchings, screenprints, monoprints and a combination of contemporary & traditional methods. Each of the artists create their own original prints, using one or a combination of printmaking processes to produce their beautiful, individual artworks. The title of this exhibition is a metaphor for the reflections of the artists and their prints. Like a mirror, the artworks reflect back images to the viewer. Each image is a reflection of the artist’s thoughts. A wide range of prints, both framed & unframed, will be on view for purchase.  

2019 August Saturday 10, Sunday 11, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 10-3

Opening Saturday 10th from 3pm All welcome.


“Frayed”, a group of seven artists with a passion for textiles, is holding its second exhibition from 23 August – 1 September 2019. The title “Pathways” has inspired images of landscapes and ways of navigating through life. Works show a wide variety of techniques including eco dying, monoprinting, felting, quilting, fabric painting, gel plate printing, embroidery and mixed media art. As well as exhibition pieces, there will be a range of items for sale including bags, clothing, scarves and more.  

2019 August Friday 23, Thursday 29 and Friday 30 11am – 3pm Saturday 24, Sunday 25, Saturday 31 and Sunday 1 Sep. 10am – 4pm 

Opening 12 Saturday 24 at noon All welcome to come and meet the artists.


The Balmain Peninsula Park Painters are holding their 15th annual exhibition “Balmain Inspired” at the Balmain Watch House in March 2019, from Friday the 8th of March to Sunday the 10th of March 2019. The exhibition will feature many of the local community’s favourite scenes and subjects, as well as a variety of other works, including overseas, still life and animals. Artists exhibiting again this year are Mary Cullen, Susan Grant and Jennifer Kerr. This group of artists has been very successful in their long history of annual public exhibitions at the Watch House and have regularly exhibited, sold works and won awards at local community art shows in Sydney.  

2019 March Saturday 9 and Sunday 10, 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 8, 5.30-8pm All welcome.


Christeene Britton There is a definite journey for both the artist creating and the collector investing in a new and exciting piece. Both are on a journey of discovery. ‘Life Evolving with Art’ is a visual journey documenting the development of my art as it carries me into the future. This year I will be showcasing a collection of textural acrylics on canvas, which highlight the intriguing depths of colour that come into play.  Contrasting this, will be a collection of delicate watercolours and inks – compositions of colour and movement creating an intertwining visual mix. Inks, in particular, have a mind of their own and so marrying their highly fluid nature with a need to conform is both challenging but, at the same time, quite addictive. This will be the debut solo and I invite you to join me as I showcase this collection of works.    

2019 March Saturday 16, 10-4.30 and Sunday 17, 10-4pm

Official opening Saturday 16 3-6pm, All welcome.

An exhibition from Rachel Vosila examining a selection of non-native plant species and the impact these have on their surrounding native ecosystems. This is explored through the anthropomorphism of their invasive characteristics and embedded into objects to tell these stories. Visit Rachel’s website to see her work. https://www.rachelvosila.com/  

2019 March Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 10-4.30pm

Opening Friday 22 6-8.30pm All Welcome


Please look forward to a future date. From the Studio to you, is about meeting the world and abstracting its contrasts, from landscape to natural elements, from cliff faces to coastal places to contours of private and common significance. Tracking the serendipitous and subjective mark-making toward the historic and even the heroic, epochal by means of print and small sculptures. 6 Artists – 1 Weekend. Brenda Livermore, Tracy McCarthy, Karen Steele, Bernadette Facer, Kate Lovejoy-Furnell and Susan McLeod.  


2019 Saturday 6th April

National Trust Heritage Festival This year’s festival will bring together an array of events across the nation from 18 April – 19 May 2019. The theme this year is Connecting People, Places and the Past. Balmain has been the home of many people who have made significant contributions in the past. In 2019, the BA will hold an exhibition highlighting seven such people, the industrial heritage of Thomas Mort’s dockyard, Henry Perdriau’s ferries and rubber manufacture, the Elliot Brothers chemical manufacturing, John Booth’s sawmills, John Bell’s shipbuilding industry, Maybanke Anderson’s contribution to social welfare particularly women and children and Mrs A’Beckett who set up a Ladies school and applied for land for subdivision. The exhibition will feature stories from the industries illustrated by images of the people and places around the peninsula. Maps of the area will allow visitors to visit the places to see how they have adapted from…

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2019 18 April – 19 May 2019

Times to be advised


My name is Kate Nielsen, and I am a Sydney based artist who mainly works with oil paint on canvas. My two dominant subjects are ‘Landscape’ and ‘Interiors’, because of their connection to place. Painting ‘Landscape’ enables me to feel a sense of connection to the natural environment, a need which is intrinsic to human nature. I enjoy the play of light and shade, the restorative nature of water, the natural linear rhythms created by the structure of the trees, the power of the expressive use of colour and the timeless quiet of rock formations. The ‘Interior’ represents place, as it is an expression of personal values, experiences and the ‘sacred’ objects of its creator. My Interiors emanate from the personal spaces of family, friends and other places of importance to me. They reflect the spirit created by the everyday juxtaposition of objects and patterns which go into the making…

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September 2018 Saturday 22 10am - 5pm Sunday 23 10am - 3pm

Official opening: Saturday 22 at 2pm - 5pm nibbles and drinks. All welcome


This exhibition features Margaret Frederickson’s history of living, working, training and sharing life with her family, friends, valued teachers and artists. This portrait of Sydney poet Antigone Kefala, (winner of the prestigious Judith Wright award for FRAGMENTS surrounded with her precious words), is one example of her painting.  Portraiture has been a huge part of her life’s work and before retiring she was a Portrait Tutor at the prestigious Brisbane Art Institute for decades. Her love of dance, theatre, architecture travel,(another passion) are all featured here with adventures from Indonesia to Korea and beyond. Since moving to Qld in 1982 she has continued in this rich vein of travelling, sketching and painting. Share a drink with the artist and friends on opening night Friday 28th September 6 to 9pm.    

29 and 30 September 2018 & Monday 1st October 10 a.m to 6 p.m.

opening Friday 6-9 All welcome


Peri Tobias, printmaker, Margaret Fitzgerald sculptor and Jennifer May, collage and mixed media. Margaret Fitzgerald was a finalist in the 2018 Tom Bass Prize for Figurative Sculpture. Her minimalist forms are reminiscent of natural artefacts with a strong design element. Jennifer May, an art teacher for over 25 years, takes on the theme of form and design using wax, collage and mixed media. Her works combine elements of landscape with an architectural clarity. Peri Tobias works in the field of plant genetics and has been a printmaker for 20 years. She has returned to her etched aluminium plates and restated them by cutting and printing irregular oviform shapes referencing her research.

October 2018 Saturday 6 and Sunday 7, 10-4

Opening Friday 5 from 6 to 8 pm All welcome.


One of Australia’s leading landscape painters, Tran’s exquisite works evoke a sense of place and nostalgia in the viewer. Mysterious, unsettling, beautiful – these images are a sanctuary from the busyness of our contemporary world, places of quiet contemplation and silent optimism.        

October 2018 Saturday 13, 10-6pm and Sunday 14 10-4pm

Opening Friday 12, 6 - 8pm All Welcome


Creativity knows no boundaries, and artists Carolyn Doherty and Ken Irvine-Brown have investigated many ideas over the years; their art practice spans a number of formats including works on paper, oil painting and wooden assemblages created from discarded piano parts. Passionate about music, Kens often sees pictures in the lyrics and when he found a discarded piano by the side of the road it was a chance to minimise ‘junk’ going into landfill and ensure the music lived on. See which songs you recognise… The amazing rock formation at Freshwater Beach demonstrated the power and creativity of nature; too seldom do we stop to look at those colours and forms. The forms needed no abstraction – nature had done it! In the wider landscape the colours underneath shine through and Carolyn’s work shows insight into nature’s processes. WEBSITE: https://carolyningrid.wixsite.com/carolyndohertyart-1    

October 2018 Saturday 20, 10-6 pm Sunday 21 10-5

Opening Friday 19 October 6pm-9pm All welcome


Due to unforeseen circumstances this exhibition is to be rescheduled early 2019 please check website for the date. Exhibition to be opened by Norma Ingram (NSW Woman of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award winner, 2018)

to be rescheduled early 2019


Three Parts Light is an exhibition by three friends – two painters and a photographer. Lesley and Oscar bring their observations of life to life through pigment and brush. Jack observes, composes and practises his art through a lens. The works to be exhibited are as individual as the exhibitors. The pieces range from abstract creations (in acrylic, oil and watercolour) of landscapes, man and the man-made, to vivid, high-definition photographic prints of exotic wildlife and ethereal nature. In much the same way that the spectrum of colour creates white light so too does this varied collection of work find harmony in the blend of experiences observed, interpreted and preserved by the artists. The result is a beautiful visual rendition of life that is part shape, part texture, part colour and part shadow – and most importantly, three parts light. www.threepartslight.com.au  

November 2018 Friday to Sunday, 9 – 11 November 2018, 10 – 5 daily


Fiona and Helen are two like minded Artists who are passionate about their Art. They have long held a love of fresh colour, both in the fragility of Watercolours and the bright boldness of Acrylics. Their work will stand alone and bring an element of surprise, individuality, tell a story and bring real emotion, thus enhancing your favourite space. Both Artists have studied under the guidance of renowned artists, latterly with Dominique Sutton and Charles Sluga. Mollie Pegler will be displaying her award winning Mosaics which are full of colour and fun. Mollie, Helen and Fiona have enjoyed success in many exhibitions both solo and group and are particularly excited to be exhibiting together again. The Balmain Watch house is an excellent venue to display their works where they will be complimented by the beautiful sandstone walls full of history. Come along and wander through this amazing building. You are warmly invited…

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November 2018 November 2018, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 15, 16, 17, 18 and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 22, 23, 24, 25 10 - 4pm

Opening Friday 16 5.30-8.30 Please join the artists for drinks


An exhibition from a local Innerwest group of female artists who are passionate about expressing themselves through creativity and art. They have come together to share their own journey of motherhood and the nurturing of their own creative spirits. Each artist channels a different energy within their work, making this exhibition an exciting fusion of colour, style and subject matter. There will be a craft table set up for all children.    

December 2018, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2, 9am-4pm

Opening Friday 30 Nov: 7pm - 8.30pm All welcome.