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A member from the Association will be present to answer enquiries between 11.30 and 3.00


The Society of Arts and Crafts of New South Wales exhibition “Handcrafted – Rethink, Reuse, Recycle” is a challenge and an experiment to use materials that have been discarded and only used once. We’ve activated our craft skills and imagination to create new pieces that are valid, amusing and useful for yet another cycle of life and this process of repurposing and recycling can continue yet again  The members of Craft NSW and their guest exhibitors have played and worked with everything from railway sleepers, discarded blankets, used clothing, litter from parks, beaches, streets, and playgrounds. The works are all handmade with skill, enthusiasm and lateral thinking and thus rescuing discards from being yet another addition to landfill or as litter clogging our environment. Instead it has expanded our field of raw materials for our craft and inspiration. Our pieces are valid craft and art to be used or to…

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2022 October 7 to 18, 10am to 6p

Meet the Makers, Thursday 13 Oct, 5 - 8pm


Femelle is a collective of local Inner West female artists which celebrates fun, family, creativity and opportunity for everyone on their artistic journey!  

2022 October Saturday 22 and Sunday 23, 9am to 5pm

Opening Friday 21 6pm to 8 pm All Welcome


Working for our exhibition….. In this group exhibition, four artists come together to share their impressions of our world and what captivates them about the environment, both natural and manmade. Exploring place, light, everyday objects, native bushland, indigenous culture, shape, form and colour Antoinette, Kate, Louise and Rachel bring together a diverse yet harmonious collection of works. As passionate educators, all four women are dedicated to artistic exploration and education of all kinds including the development of creative, inspired and engaged communities. Instagram: @antoinettetyndalart @katenielsenart @littlelouartist @rachelcarollartist    

2022 October Saturday 29, 9am to 5 pm, Sunday 30, 10am to 4pm


See Saw is a gathering of recently completed collages, paintings, drawings and objects by Sydney artist Martin Watson. ‘These works have evolved over an extended period of time and reflect my changing world. Materials and themes are eclectic, discarded ephemera to pastels and acrylics. Recycled board and canvas give me a freedom to create works that hopefully transcend their humble origins. My art practice is an attempt to reconcile the throwaway nature of consumer culture, to challenge perception and give poetic expression to my everyday experience.’ Instagram: @martinwatsonart – Website: http://martinwatson.com.au/

2022 November, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6, 10am to 4pm

Opening: Friday 4 Nov, 5-9pm All welcome!


A mixed media exhibition from three artist friends, calling themselves Brush Needle Lens Clay, who originally met singing together in a Balmain choir. They have exhibited previously but are exhibiting for the first time together to create a varied and interesting array of art. Rhonda Stien – mixed media fabric artist Karen Presland – photographer and collagist Sue Buckle – ceramic artist Inspiration has come from the Woolwich peninsula which consists of a succession of bays and knolls leading down to the meeting point of the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers known as ‘Moocooboola’. The Woolwich dock itself cuts into Hawkesbury sandstone that was laid down by an ancient inland river system. Weathering has resulted in a spur off from the Hunter’s Hill/Woolwich ridgeline forming Clarkes Point, which is a popular weekend retreat for many Sydneysiders. The exhibition highlights the many facets and textures of the landscape and the river…

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2022 November Saturday 12, Sunday 13 10am to 4pm


A Place To Return is a group exhibition of the work of emerging artists Deidre Fitzpatrick, Janet Cheetham and Melissa Drew. This body of work captures the beauty and energy of landscapes that resonate in the artists’ experiences. Their observations of architecture, harbour foreshore, and surrounding tranquil bushlands offer a window through which to view the lives of the artists and their communities during the upheaval of Covid-19 and the slow return to normalcy in its aftermath. Deidre’s work has been exhibited in the Waverley Woollahra 9 x 5 Landscape Art Prize. Janet had her work featured in the 2021 Primavera exhibition at The Shop Gallery and Autunno at The Watch House in March this year. Melissa is a Northern Beaches artist returning to painting after a career in commercial graphic design. This is Melissa’s first presentation of work inspired by her affinity with her local region.      …

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2022 November Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20, 10 -5pm 

Opening Thursday 17 November 4-7 pm All Welcome


Xanthe Muston is a young Australian artist based in Sydney. Influenced by her interest and studies in literature, Xanthe’s practice explores themes of memory, identity, and the narratives we construct to make sense of both. Using a range of watercolour, gouache, ink and oil paint, she explores the complicated ways that we recall, preserve, and ultimately fictionalise the past to give us a sense of ease in the present. Website Address:www.xanthemuston.com.au    (my Instagram is @xanthe.muston) Image: Attached below, entitled ‘Jack and James and Just Juice,’ watercolour, gouache, pen, collage, and stickers on paper, 84cm x 59 cm

2022 November Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, 9am- 5pm

Opening Friday 3pm- 9pm All Welcome


Susanna Chen Chow is has established a prolific painterly practice. She travels extensively around Australia, exploring its diverse landscapes and sites. Her work has been exhibited in numerous art competitions and galleries in Australia and her works have been acquired by collectors in Hong Kong, New York and Europe. She has received multiple awards.Susanna explores sensate and emotive experiences of the Australian countryside using her memory and imagination to capture landscape and floral scenes, translating them into images that evoke the mood and the feeling of the place rather than accurate representations. Her style includes abstraction and figuration demonstrating confident lines and bold painterly marks.Wild Flowers 2 WA-acrylic on canvas 92x76cm                 10% of the sales will be donated to the CanRevive Cancer Foundation.  

2022 December Saturday 3 and Sunday 4, 9am to 6pm

Opening Friday 2 December 5-8 pm All Welcome


Artworks by Lorraine Bower During the early days of the Covid restrictions in March 2020, I began to yearn for familiar open spaces, especially the magnificent national parks and waterways around Sydney. With the wildness of nature closed off I started to paint some of these places, drawing inspiration from photographs and the memories I had of them. Visions of the magnificent sandstone rocks around our region were particularly strong and vibrant. This was the genesis of the Rocks in My Head exhibition. The devastating summer bushfires of 2019/20 have meant that the future of our environment is more precarious than ever, and the very survival of our unique plants and animals depends of their ability to change and adapt, as we now must do to meet the unforeseen forces of a changing climate. Some of the more recent works on burnt landscapes reflect this theme. I hope these artworks,…

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