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ExtraTexture return in September with their new textile and mixed media exhibition. This time the five are exploring their connections to place. They are looking at the strong links we have to the land, to country, to the plant and animal life that lives on it. It is also an opportunity to think about those who came before us and their relationship with a particular part of the land. We celebrate those places that give us a sense of belonging and peace, our “ happy place”.      

2023 September Saturday 16, Sunday 17, Friday 22, Saturday 23, Sunday 24 10am to 4 pm.

Meet the artists 2pm Saturday 16th All Welcome


I am excited to announce my upcoming exhibition of drone photography along side some authentic African Art. This unique collection of artwork is captured at the most unprecedented times using my drones. It includes one of a kind captures of Australia’s most iconic landmarks and natural Landscapes. But it does not stop there ! My drone travelled with me recently and captured some of the most distinctive historical buildings and breathtaking natural landscapes that will bring the world to your home alongside some authentic handmade artwork from Africa.   Instagram : ange _galleries

2023 September Friday 29 and Saturday 30 October Sunday 1 and Monday 2 8am to 7 pm


Craft NSW is a group of artisans creating quality collectable and wearable handmade craft. The society has a long history, dating back to 1906. Australia’s oldest craft association. With the ongoing aim to support, encourage, and share creativity whilst acknowledge craft making is ageless and timeless. Engaging in a wide range of traditional crafts their makers create contemporary, intriguing and at times whimsical products to wear or display, continuing to push boundaries in their respective mediums. Their website, www.artsandcraftnsw.com.au allows browsing with online shopping and view to their informative newsletter Telopea which contains exhibition detail, artist interviews and so much more. As collaborative group, they welcome emerging craft artists to join their membership. “Reflections of Time”, is a showcase of creative artists joining together to exhibit their exploration of a common theme. Time is precious. Spare time is rare. Time to create is joyous. The visual idea is personal, the…

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2023 October 6 to 15 October, 11 am- 6pm daily. All welcome.

Group of local women artists more information to follow

2023 October Saturday 21 and Sunday 22


Exhibition of recent works on paper by Sue Hanckel Sue Hanckel is a contemporary printmaker of unique large scale works on paper. In her solo exhibition Crossing the Evening Bridge, Sue has collated her bold abstract prints inspired by mythic narratives and the night sky. Her art practice is a journey of conjecture and fictional mapping across imagined spaces on paper. There is a central recurring theme in her work – the question of how we find meaning and orientation when confronted with experiences of transience and absence. Her large sheets of Hahnemuhle paper become metaphoric spaces for her to construct complex and layered works with stencil, cut-outs and collage. Each of her works is unique – some are vivid and dynamic, others are quiet and contemplative, all of them inviting curiosity. In 2023 Sue has been able to further develop her printmaking skill as an Artist-in-Residence in the Creative…

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2023 October Thursday 26, Friday 27, Saturday 28, Sunday 29, 10am to 4pm

Opening Saturday 28 1 – 4pm All welcome

A member from Balmain Association will be present on Saturday 4 November between 11.30 and 3pm to answer your enquiries.


Sarah Sulman is an acrylic landscape artist from rural NSW. Creative in many areas she is also a photographer and teacher. Sarah is also the great granddaughter of Sir John Sulman for whom the Sulman art prize and Sulman Medal are named. Sarah has spent the last 3 years building a collection inspired from her time living in WA and her travels in between. Her visits to the famous wildflowers of central WA was breathtaking and inspiring featuring flowers as far as the eye can see with red valleys and gorges. Don’t miss Sarah’s first exhibition in NSW!      

2023 November Saturday 11 and Sunday 12, 11am to 5pm


We are 5 women artists who feel watercolour is an underrated medium. It is something everyone tries but few conquer even those have to come back for more. Our exhibition will feature different subjects painted here and overseas. Please come and visit us to just to see the variety possible in Watercolour paints.

2023 November Saturday 18 10-4 and Sunday 19 10-3

More information to follow

2023 November Saturday 25 and Sunday 26

More information to follow

2023 December Saturday 2 and Sunday 3


“My favourite spot is where I meet people drawn together by a common desire – artists in glass, sculptors, painters” Justin studied at the Julian Ashton, Dattilo Rubbo and Bisietta Art Schools and the Teachers’ College. From there he went on to teach art in many schools, ending up as Sydney Boys High School’s Art Master. Justin was a member of the One+2 artists’ studios in Lilyfield for 15 years. Justin was dedicated to his art, exploring different styles. He was a master at watercolour, painting with a proficiency that showed his understanding of the intricacies of that difficult medium. His skill in drawing was evident in his large scaled architectural paintings and drawings as well as in quirky sketches of laneways – characters mulling around, a crooked clothesline, a dog poised – perfect portrayals of life in the inner west. Despite his skill, he was humble, needing encouragement to…

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2023 December Saturdy 9 and Sunday 10, 10am to 5.00pm

Opening Friday 8 December 2023 6.00 – 9.00pm All welcome


Zaille, is a digital and AI collaborative artist creating digital paintings and sculpture. By working with photography, digital imagery, 3D printing and AI technology, Zaille creates digital beings and things that exist in the space between human and non-human and explores the boundaries between the natural and the artificial. The exhibition will question the nature of identity, intellectual property, the act of creation, truth and the relationship between humans and non-human entities, as they roam through the Uncanny Valley. The uncanny valley theory suggests that as computer-generated characters and things become more “real”, there is a point at which they elicit feelings of eeriness or unease in observers. Join us in the Uncanny Valley.      

2023 August Saturday 5 and Sunday 6  11 - 4 pm


Presented by ‘True Blue and a little bit of Yellow” Artists Collective “Colours of Freedom” is a captivating art exhibition dedicated to the Ukrainian Independence Day, celebrated on the 24th of August. This vibrant showcase brings together Ukrainian artists in Australia who have embraced a unique challenge: creating their artworks using only two colours, blue and yellow. Symbolising hope, freedom, and happiness, these hues encapsulate the spirit of Ukraine’s journey towards independence, celebrating the country’s sovereignty and resilience. Through a diverse range of mediums and artistic styles, 5 artists explore the essence of their shared love of nature, the power of positivity during challenging times that embodies the spirit of freedom and fosters cultural exchange between Ukrainian and Australian communities. Join us at “Colours of Freedom” to admire the wonders of nature, the beauty of art and to support Ukrainian people in their pursuit of liberty. Money raised from the…

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2023 August Thursday 10, Friday 11, Saturday 12, Sunday 13 10am to 6pm

Opening Friday 11 August 6-9pm All Welcome


Wet Paint Collective, a group of local women artists, showcase their latest work in their winter show, Blend. The paintings are as diverse as the artists themselves and include landscapes, abstractions, figurative works and more. This exhibition is the sixth of its kind for the collective. The title nods, of course, to the mixing of colours on a palette, the combining of different art styles into one show – and also the way each artist blends her art practice into a busy life.    

2023 August Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 9am - 4pm

Opening Friday 18 6pm - 8pm All welcome


Art Ability is an exhibition of works on paper in a variety of mediums by both current and former secondary students from the special/inclusive education unit at Sydney Secondary College, Blackwattle Bay Campus. This exhibition showcases the skills and talent of our students in the area of artmaking. Themes explored include self-portraits, still-life and cityscapes as well as abstracts in 2D mediums including drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking and collage. Our students have thoroughly immersed themselves in the artmaking process and have worked incredibly hard to produce an impressive collection of original and distinctive artworks. They are looking forward to showing their work in a real-world art context at the Balmain Watch House. The artworks included in this exhibition will not be for sale, however visitors will have the opportunity to buy cards featuring all artworks. Proceeds from the sale of the cards will be used to fund further artmaking…

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2023 August Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 10am to 3pm

Opening 6pm Friday 25 August all welcome


To celebrate History Week 2023 , Theme Voices from the Past, the Balmain Association is presenting the above exhibition. Stories from Balmain including an oral history of long time resident and centenarian William ‘Sagity’ Hill. Balmain in 1970 – short films highlighting the people and zeitgeist of the time and a view of Balmain from abroad with a collection of postcards from Balmain in the early 20th century Please join us at any of the times listed. Image below is Issy Wyner, local councilor for many years, with “Sagity” Hill.        

2023 September Saturday 2 , Tuesday  5, Saturday 9, 11.30am to 3