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An exhibition by local artist Neil Saville showing a collection of wildly colourful images of streetscape, portrait and abstract art using acrylic on canvas and acrylic on paper medium. I’m interested in period Balmain streetscape art together with famous Sydney landscapes. I like painting colourful famous people, and animals. The style I like looks particularly messy close up but falls into perspective at distance. I will be giving away a framed Balmain streetscape artwork, A3 in size, acrylic of paper medium at the conclusion of the exhibition on Sunday night. Everyone who attends throughout the exhibition will be eligible. Instagram: ndsav_art    

2022 February Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 10am-7pm

Friday 11, 6-8pm All welcome


CONNECTING ART WITH COMMUNITY AND LOCAL CHARITY VIBRANT AND EXCITING. ‘Femelle’ is a vibrant and exciting local Innerwest female art collective who embrace joy, fun and creative expression. They bring to you their artistic talents, inspirations and passion for creativity and art. Grab a coffee and come to feast your senses on some beautiful and unique artwork. All in the lovely setting of our special and historic Balmain Watch House on Darling Street, Balmain. Exhibitors include recognised and emerging artists including Fleur Stevenson, Jane Sankey, Alexandra Plim, Patrice Wills, Imogen Eve, Michelle Huntingon and Kezia Tan. Contact: Kati Wilson 0415 090 589  

2022 February Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 9am-5pm


Art of Sorts is an open community arts group set up by the Inner West Council in 2017. It is supported by the Inner West Council through the provision of facilities at the Jimmy Little Community Centre in Lilyfield. It allows the participants to explore their artistic abilities in a range of mediums such as watercolour, acrylics and oils. Art of Sorts aims to allow a group of amateur artists to work in a mutually supportive and relaxed self paced environment to improve their skills, be more creative and to contribute back to the community. Kathie 0432539849

2022 March Saturday 5 and Sunday 6,10am-4pm

There is no exhibition 12, 13 March 2022 but a committee member will be present 11.30am to 3pm to answer any inquiries.


Sculptural Horizons, a group exhibition of 12 artists, creatives who come together to share in their passion for sculpture and love of the clay medium. Clay is both utilitarian and decorative, it has been used by humans since prehistoric times and is one of the oldest materials for sculpture. In the past, sculptors working in metal or other mediums regularly built small preliminary pieces or maquettes in clay, however today we find many contemporary artists rediscovering and celebrating clay as a sculptural medium in its own right. The artists are from diverse cultures and experience, yet Clay connects them, inspiring and enriching each other with their collective learning and practice. Comprising award winning artists, skilled artisans and enthusiasts, the group puts their love and dedication to the medium on show in this exhibition. We invite you to come along and enjoy this eclectic presentation of functional pottery and sculptural forms.

2022 March Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 2010am-4pm

Meet the Artists: Saturday 19 March 2-4pm Featuring live music – The Norman Nicholls Trio ALL WELCOME!


“Autunno”, Autumn is a collaborative exhibition of work by Janice Ralph, Janet Cheetham (both painters) and Elisabeth Thilo (sculptor). Although every season has its unique charms, Autumn is a sustained colour explosion and a season for the soul, which is reflected in the works of the artists. In Italy, a place much loved for travel by all three artists, it is also season for harvest and celebrations. With “Autunno”, the exhibition is aimed at celebrating the beauty and fragility of our local environment and more broadly of the human connection to nature. Both Janice and Janet’s art is about colour, the vibrancy and intensity and the emotions they evoke. Their works are inspired by their travels, from the many moods and spirituality of the Australian outback, the intricate plays of light of the coastline and to as far away as exotic markets in India. With their travel wings clipped in…

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2022 March Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 10am-5pm

Opening Fri 25 5-7.30 pm All welcome


Frayed Textile Artists are preparing for their next exhibition, Journeys, to be held at the Balmain Watch House in April 2022. The word “journey“, originally a literal unit of time and travel, has become a metaphor for the experience of living life with all its ups and downs. During the pandemic, our journeys have been much closer to home – our travel has been restricted in many ways. This has not, however, prevented us from continuing our textile works as well as learning new techniques to incorporate into these works. The pandemic has affected us in different ways, and for some has had an impact on how we work and the work that is produced. We invite you to come along and join us to explore our textile adventures.                        

2022 April Fri 1, Sat 2, Sun3 and Fri 8, Sat 9 10am – 4pm, Sun 10 – 10am – 3pm


Celebrating the National Trust Heritage Festival 2022 The History Group of the Balmain Association will be presenting an extensive collection of objects from our collection for the National Trust Heritage Festival. Some of the items are from the period when the Watch House was still a lockup. There will be original handcuffs, police batons and the sergeant stripes from Sgt Ira Gray, the last policeman to stay in the Watch House. There will also be a number of items displayed that were found when the local community was involved in renewing the garden. Our exhibition will be on every Tuesday 11 to 1 pm and Saturday 11 to 3pm from 16 April to 14 May. We hope to see you there.

2022 April, 16 to May 14 Saturdays 11 to 3pm and Tuesdays 11 to 1pm.


Sophie and Jane Witter are sisters. Sophie is a painter from Tasmania, who recently had a successful solo exhibition in Hobart, while Jane lives in Sydney and works with reclaimed textiles, but they share a vision about the importance of creativity and beauty in our everyday lives. Their exhibition “Play it by Ear”,  is a celebration of the feminine gaze and the struggle to carve art out of the demands of the domestic space.  Please join them for some bubbles at their opening night. Instagram accounts witterjane and wittersophie.  

2022 May Saturday 21 Sunday 22,10am-4pm

Opening Friday 20, 5-9 pm All welcome!


ExtraTexture, a small group of textile and mixed media artists are excited to return to the Watch House with their new exhibition. Connection explores the relationship we have with each other, with colour and texture, with place and time but also highlights the diversity with which we approach a common theme. Apart from their individual work, the five artists have three collaborative works on display. The first “Burano “ celebrates their diversity as each have interpreted a photograph taken by one of the members of the island of Burano in the Venice lagoon. “Rainbow “ is a spectacular celebration of their commitment to colour and texture and will have pride of place in the Charge Room. The third collaboration is an installation in the Exercise Yard where visitors can immerse themselves in “Snippets of Time.” Instagram @extratexture_textile_art Facebook: extraTexture Textile Artists

2022 May Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 and June Friday 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 10am - 4pm

Meet the artists on Saturday 28 May and Saturday 4 June between 2 and 4pm

The Watch House will be open 11.30 to 3pm. A member will be present to assist with inquiries.

2022 June Saturday 11th 11.30am to 3pm


Salum and Jean Burke welcome you to take a safari through this exhibition. Salum has made his livelihood from art for a long time, selling paintings in his homeland on the streets of Tanzania. Bold sunset and rasta-colours convey energy and warmth. Both Salum and Jean’s artworks on canvas and paper evoke a sense of place and connection to East Africa, in stories of village life, and wild animals of the savannah. Jean’s artwork showcases printmaking methods; lino and woodcuts, collagraphs, etchings and artist books, with a particular focus on trees. Each artist has exhibited locally and interstate, including in Parliament House, Canberra. Their art is available in a variety of prices, including unframed work and cards. https://www.instagram.com/jeanburke76/

2022 June Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 17, 5-8pm All welcome


Works created by Heather Hunt and David H Herbert. Brush with bay is a collection of works painted in acrylic on canvas, by local artist Heather Hunt and David H Herbert, the resident artist at Heather’s Studio in Boudi National park. Their artworks although very different in style are all inspired by their lifestyles living by the water in Balmain and The Central Coast of NSW. The ever changing landscape, waters-ways, and flora and fauna they co exists and live alongside are all reflected in their artwork. We hope you enjoy our exhibition as much as we enjoyed creating it.        

2022 June Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 10am to 5pm

Opening Friday 24th 6-9pm all welcome

The Watch House will be open 11.30 to 3pm. A member will be present to assist with inquiries.

2022 July Saturday 2 11.30am to 3pm


A PAINTING EXHIBITION FROM THE MEMBERS OF hART stART art studio ‘hART of Hearts’ is the 25th annual exhibition from Balmain hART stART art studio at the Watch house. Audiences will be treated with expressive artworks, rich in exploration of colour and texture. This exhibition is for people who enjoy paintings in modernist styles with strong emphasis on individual expression. What has sustained hART stART studio for 26 years in Balmain is the hART stART method which encourages mindfulness, personal growth, and a sincere friendship which grows between members. Through modernist methods, all members work in a confident personal style in an atmosphere of warm friendly support hART stART studio meets for evening classes on Tuesdays in a designated art studio, just a few minutes walk from The Balmain Watch House. To enquire phone Gary 0410639819 or view the website at www.hartstartstudio.com.au

2022 July Saturday 9 10am to 4.30pm and Sunday 10 10am-4pm

Drinks with the artists Saturday 9, 12-4pm

A member will be present to assist with any inquiries.

2022 July Saturday 16 11.30 to 3pm


You are invited to join Richard Sercombe some time over the weekend  at the latest exhibition of his artwork. Richard continues to produce Acrylic and Mixed Media artworks of landscapes and ‘floraly inspired works’, in a variety of styles and sizes. Enjoy some refreshments as you view the new exhibition, and, possibly take advantage of the reduced prices on the popular ex- exhibition stock. Richard is now represented in private collections around the globe, in the United States, Europe and Asia, as well of course throughout Australia.      

2022 July Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, 10am-6pm

Friday the 22nd July at 7:30pm


Due to Covid restrictions this exhibition was postponed to 2022. This will be the third time it has been postponed so we all have our fingers crossed that “third time will be lucky”. Open Studio Printmakers is a lively group of artists who come together, to explore and expand the enduring practice of printmaking, resulting in distinctive and contemporary works on paper. Lino and wood cuts, screen prints, solar prints and etchings are some of the methods used to create this exciting exhibition. Artworks reflect original creative thinking, by using a wide range of styles and techniques; their use limited only by imagination. With no show in 2020, this printmaking collective will once again exhibit works of professional quality and range. The group regards these exhibitions as an opportunity to showcase the time honoured medium of printmaking to the wider community. Visitors will not be disappointed! A wide range of…

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2022 August Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August and Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August, 10.00 am until 4.30 pm

Official opening is from 2.00 to 4pm on Saturday 8 August All Welcome


A vibrant exhibition by local artist, Amelia Horvath, showing works created at her nearby Balmain studio. This collection includes a number of works completed during the lockdown period since early 2020 and explores landscapes and seascapes that were beyond reach during this time – combining the real, the imagined and the remembered. Drawing inspiration from travels, photographs and memories, these bold, gestural works seek to capture the feeling and sense of the faraway landscapes to which we travel, and those to which we come home. Instagram: @ameliahorvath

2022 August Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 11am-3pm


The magic of mosaic and art is celebrated in this exhibition when mosaicists Gretel Perlstone, Margaret Tessarolo, Deb Kane and Mollie Pegler combine with artist Carolyn Thomson to showcase their work. The mosaic group of talented artists are delighted to be again exhibiting their latest works at the Balmain Watch House. Full of light and colour their works reflect the inspiration each artist draws from the beauty of nature and the world around them. Carolyn Thomson’s flower realism style of artwork , in both acrylics and oils , shows her keen observation in detail and her passion for colour. Each flower coming to life on canvas reflecting her inspiration from the natural world.              

2022 August Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 10am - 4pm

Opening to be advised


Exhibition by Julie Miller Expression of colour is everything! I love the way colour creates an emotional response, it is my inspiration. My ambition is to capture something transient in what I see and feel in the world around me. This is Balmain, the harbour and the northern beaches where I grew up and still feel drawn to. My subjects are nature- whether it’s a traditional landscape, still life or watercolours. I use traditional materials of oil paint on canvas and board and watercolour on paper. I look forward to welcoming you to my exhibition.  


Artworks by Lorraine Bower During the early days of the Covid restrictions in March 2020, I began to yearn for familiar open spaces, especially the magnificent national parks and waterways around Sydney. With the wildness of nature closed off I started to paint some of these places, drawing inspiration from photographs and the memories I had of them. Visions of the magnificent sandstone rocks around our region were particularly strong and vibrant. This was the genesis of the Rocks in My Head exhibition. The devastating summer bushfires of 2019/20 have meant that the future of our environment is more precarious than ever, and the very survival of our unique plants and animals depends of their ability to change and adapt, as we now must do to meet the unforeseen forces of a changing climate. Some of the more recent works on burnt landscapes reflect this theme. I hope these artworks,…

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