2024 20 April to 11 May Tuesdays and Saturdays 11.30am to 3 pm

Connections is the theme for the National Trust’s Annual Heritage celebration.

‘The Balmain Observer’ goes inside the Post Office and Court House and takes us on a tour of the original building before it was opened. Explaining in detail the fittings both upstairs and down. An amazing observation from over 100 years ago.

Do you ever wonder what happened to the Town Hall cupola? Mark Calabretta takes us on an historical mystery tour of how the Town Hall lost its ‘head’. An amazing piece of historical research that will excite historians and the casual onlookers alike.

What makes the Town Hall and Court House of interest is the work being planned by the Inner West Council to revamp the area between these two buildings making a precinct that all Balmain locals will be proud of.

Also on show will be a history of Mr Deloitte’s Wharf Road orchid house with a display of orchids to match.