Balmain Peninsula – Industrial Vandalism?


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Helen Carter


The rise and fall of its early industries

This book contains a collection of heavy and light industries that operated on the Balmain Peninsula (Balmain, Birchgrove and Rozelle) during two phases of its industrialisation (Phase 1: 1850s-1900; Phase 2: 1901- 1950s). It traces the European damage to the First Nations environment, the fallout from the heavy industries, the utilitarian products from the 20th century and ends with Balmain’s de-industrialisation.
Discover, images of these long forgotten industries, the rise of the Labor Party and the effect they had on the development of a unique community that was valued and looked after its workers. A pull out map allows the reader to discover just where these 68 industries existed.

Soft Cover 116 pages 2023

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