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The Watch House


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Revised edition Duncan MacAuslan 2024

The Watch House – A history

In 1851 resident numbers in Balmain had grown to 1,397 and the settlement along Darling Street was thriving. As the population grew, the community demanded a police force and a gaol.

The Government approved funding of £450 and Edmund Blacket, the Colonial Architect, worked together with the Inspector General of Police  to find a suitable site and design. In 1853, Lot 47 of  the Waterview Estate was purchased for £240 from Edward Hunt. It was to become the new Balmain Watch House.

This booklet traces the history of The Watch House and the people who have lived there from construction in 1855 through to its present use as the home of the Balmain Association.

Soft Cover, 16 pages, second edition 2024

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