Douglas Grant: that Black Digger from the Scottish Mob


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Tony Griffiths

This is an account of Douglas Grant’s life.

The author says
“Douglas Grant wasn’t of any special importance in factory activity; it’s just that his name cropped up quite often in newspapers in the inter-war periods – too often for just an ordinary factory worker. He wasn’t a manager or even a foreman or a leading hand, but he was evidently a man of some note, and he was an educated pure aboriginal sometimes intriguingly called “the Black Scotsman”. I decided to explore his life; he seemed an intriguing man”.

As a WW1 ex serviceman Douglas spent time at Callan Park. In 1931, working with fellow patients, he made his mark by using his professional skills to help design a war memorial based on the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The memorial was unveiled in August 1931 by the State Governor, Sir Philip Game. Douglas stood beside the Governor for press photographs.

The memorial is still in place in Callan Park

Douglas had a many and varied career – indeed an intriguing man

Soft Cover 46 pages 2015

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