Colours of Freedom 


Presented by ‘True Blue and a little bit of Yellow” Artists Collective

“Colours of Freedom” is a captivating art exhibition dedicated to the Ukrainian Independence Day, celebrated on the 24th of August. This vibrant showcase brings together Ukrainian artists in Australia who have embraced a unique challenge: creating their artworks using only two colours, blue and yellow. Symbolising hope, freedom, and happiness, these hues encapsulate the spirit of Ukraine’s journey towards independence, celebrating the country’s sovereignty and resilience.

Through a diverse range of mediums and artistic styles, 5 artists explore the essence of their shared love of nature, the power of positivity during challenging times that embodies the spirit of freedom and fosters cultural exchange between Ukrainian and Australian communities.

Join us at “Colours of Freedom” to admire the wonders of nature, the beauty of art and to support Ukrainian people in their pursuit of liberty. Money raised from the profits of the exhibition will go to Ukrainians in need.

ARTISTS: Elena Levkovskaya, Olena Vigovska, Natalya Kravchenko, Nataliia Vyaz and Tetiana Koldunenko

The exhibition is generously sponsored by the Balmain Association and Ukrainian Council of NSW.

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