Absorbed; Moments Captured


This is Week 2  of Susan Cadby & Ann-Marie Bateman’s exhibition.

The exhibition explores nature, and the ethereal qualities of light and colour. Both artists work intuitively with various mediums and mark making techniques, emphasising the temporal qualities of light and colour in nature.

Susan Cadby is an experienced artist with many years of professional practise in watercolour and acrylic painting. Time and moments captured are distilled in her compositions of land and sea scapes submerging the viewer into vails of brushstrokes and colour.

Ann-Marie Bateman art practice seeks to explore the peripheries of sight and glimpses of unseen elements of our world particularly in nature. Over the last twenty years she has examined nature’s wisdom, light, tone and colour, through macroscopic photography of flowers, grasses and various surfaces from day to day routines.

The exhibition leads the viewer on a journey of creative viewpoints not often representational but experienced emotively with passion and zeal.