Join me on a journey through the captivating connection between nature, art and family in my latest exhibition “Heartwood”. During lockdown, my father retired and joined a South Coast bushwalking club. Whenever he goes on a walk with his friends, he sends the family photos of the places he’s been. Stuck in Sydney, unable to travel more than 10km away from my home, I translated these photographs into paintings. Each painting is uniquely captured on slices of fallen Jugiong trees. The tree slices presented a new set of challenges to me, as the grooves in the wood guided my hand in unexpected directions. Through this intricate process, the wood itself seemed to come alive, telling stories of the trees and the whispers along the breeze. Every woodblock is unique; featuring a swirling grain, curling bark and brightly coloured memory all of its own. Witness the alluring beauty of Heartwood at the Balmain Watch House.

www.anhafields.comI typically create under a shortened version of my name ‘Anha Fields’.