Balmain Cemetery, Grave Concerns


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Bonnie Davidson and Kathleen Hamey

The importance of the Balmain Cemetery has been little appreciated in the past except by the family historian, who, when obtaining the death certificate of an ancestor, would find under place of internment – the Balmain Cemetery.

Where was this cemetery that accepted 10,608 burials from 1868 until its closure in 1912.

It is with regret the historian is told the sorry tale of neglect and vandalism of the headstones, when the Cemetry area in Norton Street Leichhardt became Pioneer Memorial Park in 1941.

Read about the efforts of historian Percy Gledhill who rescued and relocated sixteen memorials in the 1940s, find out where many of the headstones went and why the Balmain Cemetery is in Leichhardt.

Soft Cover, 51 Pages, 1999

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