Gourlie’s Corner

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Edited by Kath and Val Hamey

Growing up in Balmain with Wal Gourlie.

Some years ago Wal Goulie gave the Balmain Association a dozen pages of memories of his boyhood which he titled “Balmain of Old”. With Wal’s permission the material appeared in the Balmain Association’s monthly newsletter, frequently with additional information to update the article.
The resulting column “Gourlies Corner” became one of the publication’s most popular features.

This volume brings together all of the material he provided, together with some of the additional data. It also include for the first time his recollections of his school days.

“Gourlies Corner” was a shop on the corner of Grove and Cove streets Birchgrove.

Soft Cover, 56 Pages, 1992 Reprinted 2023

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