Mr Deloitte’s Orchid House, Wyoming, Snails Bay (Birchgrove)


This rare structure from the late 19th century has been one of the subjects of examination recently by a Sub- Committee for Vernacular Architecture for the International Council on Monuments and Sites.

The restoration from its derelict condition post 1990s when the owners purchased the large Italianate marine villa, is a story of devotion and a love of gardening. Not much documentation had been kept by Quarton L Deloitte of Wyoming’s past and his love of collecting orchids however this paper opens a window into the fascinating lives of the Deloitte family members who lived in Wharf Road and how the crucial photographic evidence confirmed that the Orchid House was built prior to 1900.

Balmain Association member Helen Carter’s detailed research provides a fascinating insight into Mr Deloitte’s Orchid House.

Read the article by Helen here