Research and Resources


Research and Resources

The Balmain Association has a range of historical records and archives.

Research at the Watch House Link
If you would like assistance in researching your House History or your Family History here are some pointers on how to help us to help you.

Catalogue of Archives Link
This catalogue includes paper records such as-donated histories, reports, a history of the BA and their activities personalities, industries, streets and houses including photographs and press clippings.

Family Histories Link
The Balmain Association has a series of Family Histories. Some are donated, some from our own research, some from historical sources while some are from a combination of all three.

Balmain Personalities Link
The Balmain Association has records of personalities and organisations as listed below. The information has been gathered from a mix of donated histories, paper cuttings and local memories. It also contains researched material from enquiries made by individuals.

Balmain Association newsletters Link
All the newsletters starting at No 1 in 1966 up to the present day.