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Balmain Public School 1860-1965
Peter Reynolds

Balmain Public School, by virtue of the chronolgy of its founding, has a special place in New South Wales’ history – it was one of 259 National Schools opened during the operation of the National System betewen 1848 and 1866.

Developed like many schools in piecemeal fashion, the school had several names, National School (1860), Public School (1866),Superior Public School (1881), Demonstration School (1946), and Public School again (1966).

The school opened in 1860 in rented premises and then moved in 1862 to a permanent building which, when redundant in 1917, was bought by the Roman Catholic Church and is now the Father John Therry School (Eaton Street)

Soft Cover, 56 Pages, 1995

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