Open Council: A new Era in Local Government


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Issy Wyner
Edited and introduction by Hall Greenland

Issy Wyner was probably the best placed person to write an account of Leichhardt Municipality’s experience with Open Council, the pioneering experiment in public participation and open government that was initiated 37 years ago. Issy was one of the architects of this new system of local government and was as an Alderman and Councillor from Balmain on Leichhardt Council for 25 years from 1959 through to 1991.
He was also a historian who kept meticulous files on the Council’s activities during those years.

This volume is an edited version of Issy’s original draft which has been placed in the local history section of Leichhardt library, along with his Council papers.

Marked down owing to minor discolouration of spine.

Published by the Balmain Association July 2008.

Soft Cover, 88 Pages, 2008

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