Past Exhibitions

No art exhibition this weekend, but the Watch House will be open for visitors on Saturday between 11.30am and 3pm and a member of the Balmain Association will be present to answer history enquiries.

No art exhibition this weekend, but the Watch House will be open for visitors on Saturday between 11.30am and 3pm and a member of the Balmain Association will be present to answer history enquiries.

The Greetings Exhibition has Been extended to Saturday 17 February.

2024 February Saturday 17 11.30am to 3pm


Antique pictorial postcards provide a significant repository of historical images, often uniquely recorded. Besides offering a tantalising glimpse into the past, the human element captured in the fleeting messages preserved on the back imbues them with a charm all of their own. Here Mark Calabretta has assembled a catalogue of postcards, widely sourced, featuring Balmain scenes or relating in some way to the Balmain of old, which includes Birchgrove and Rozelle, and also the surrounding islands – Glebe, Goat, Cockatoo, Spectacle, and Snapper. While concentrated between about 1905 and 1915, they span over a century, beginning as early as 1880.

2023 December and January, Tuesdays 11am till 2pm, Saturdays 11am – 3pm


ExtraTexture return in September with their new textile and mixed media exhibition. This time the five are exploring their connections to place. They are looking at the strong links we have to the land, to country, to the plant and animal life that lives on it. It is also an opportunity to think about those who came before us and their relationship with a particular part of the land. We celebrate those places that give us a sense of belonging and peace, our “ happy place”.      

2023 September Saturday 16, Sunday 17, Friday 22, Saturday 23, Sunday 24 10am to 4 pm.

Meet the artists 2pm Saturday 16th All Welcome


I am excited to announce my upcoming exhibition of drone photography along side some authentic African Art. This unique collection of artwork is captured at the most unprecedented times using my drones. It includes one of a kind captures of Australia’s most iconic landmarks and natural Landscapes. But it does not stop there ! My drone travelled with me recently and captured some of the most distinctive historical buildings and breathtaking natural landscapes that will bring the world to your home alongside some authentic handmade artwork from Africa.   Instagram : ange _galleries

2023 September Friday 29 and Saturday 30 October Sunday 1 and Monday 2 8am to 7 pm


Craft NSW is a group of artisans creating quality collectable and wearable handmade craft. The society has a long history, dating back to 1906. Australia’s oldest craft association. With the ongoing aim to support, encourage, and share creativity whilst acknowledge craft making is ageless and timeless. Engaging in a wide range of traditional crafts their makers create contemporary, intriguing and at times whimsical products to wear or display, continuing to push boundaries in their respective mediums. Their website, allows browsing with online shopping and view to their informative newsletter Telopea which contains exhibition detail, artist interviews and so much more. As collaborative group, they welcome emerging craft artists to join their membership. “Reflections of Time”, is a showcase of creative artists joining together to exhibit their exploration of a common theme. Time is precious. Spare time is rare. Time to create is joyous. The visual idea is personal, the…

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2023 October 6 to 15 October, 11 am- 6pm daily. All welcome.

Femelle is a collective of local Inner West female artists which celebrates fun, family, creativity and opportunity for everyone on their artistic journey

2023 October Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 10am-4pm


Exhibition of recent works on paper by Sue Hanckel Sue Hanckel is a contemporary printmaker of unique large scale works on paper. In her solo exhibition Crossing the Evening Bridge, Sue has collated her bold abstract prints inspired by mythic narratives and the night sky. Her art practice is a journey of conjecture and fictional mapping across imagined spaces on paper. There is a central recurring theme in her work – the question of how we find meaning and orientation when confronted with experiences of transience and absence. Her large sheets of Hahnemuhle paper become metaphoric spaces for her to construct complex and layered works with stencil, cut-outs and collage. Each of her works is unique – some are vivid and dynamic, others are quiet and contemplative, all of them inviting curiosity. In 2023 Sue has been able to further develop her printmaking skill as an Artist-in-Residence in the Creative…

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2023 October Thursday 26, Friday 27, Saturday 28, Sunday 29, 10am to 4pm

Opening Saturday 28 1 – 4pm All welcome


Sarah Sulman is an acrylic landscape artist from rural NSW. Creative in many areas she is also a photographer and teacher. Sarah is also the great granddaughter of Sir John Sulman for whom the Sulman art prize and Sulman Medal are named. Sarah has spent the last 3 years building a collection inspired from her time living in WA and her travels in between. Her visits to the famous wildflowers of central WA was breathtaking and inspiring featuring flowers as far as the eye can see with red valleys and gorges. Don’t miss Sarah’s first exhibition in NSW!      

2023 November Saturday 11 and Sunday 12, 11am to 5pm


We are 5 women artists who feel watercolour is an underrated medium. It is something everyone tries but few conquer even those have to come back for more. Our exhibition will feature different subjects painted here and overseas. Please come and visit us to just to see the variety possible in Watercolour paints.

2023 November Saturday 18 10-4 and Sunday 19 10-3


SAWA (Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan) is having this sale of quality items to raise much needed funds to assist in training for  women in Afghanistan. Find something that takes your fancy and make an offer.  

2023 November Saturday 25 9am to 5pm


“My favourite spot is where I meet people drawn together by a common desire – artists in glass, sculptors, painters” Justin studied at the Julian Ashton, Dattilo Rubbo and Bisietta Art Schools and the Teachers’ College. From there he went on to teach art in many schools, ending up as Sydney Boys High School’s Art Master. Justin was a member of the One+2 artists’ studios in Lilyfield for 15 years. Justin was dedicated to his art, exploring different styles. He was a master at watercolour, painting with a proficiency that showed his understanding of the intricacies of that difficult medium. His skill in drawing was evident in his large scaled architectural paintings and drawings as well as in quirky sketches of laneways – characters mulling around, a crooked clothesline, a dog poised – perfect portrayals of life in the inner west. Despite his skill, he was humble, needing encouragement to…

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2023 December Saturdy 9 and Sunday 10, 10am to 5.00pm

Opening Friday 8 December 2023 6.00 – 9.00pm All welcome

Balmain Association member will be present between 11.30am and 3pm to answer any enquiries.


Richard returns to the Watch House with a new exhibition and ex exhibition works at reduced prices largely in mixed media and watercolour, in a wide variety of differently sized works. His ‘florally inspired works’ continue to feature. Please come along any time over the weekend to view the exhibition and join us for a wine or soft drink and light refreshments.

2023 June Saturday 24 and Sunday 25, 10am to 6pm.

Opening Friday, June 23 from 7pm all welcome


Art of Joy Myers Creed & Ann-Marie Bateman The exhibition displays Joy Myers Creed and Ann-Marie Bateman’s journey of discovering the instinctual action of making marks, both on various surfaces and by using difference processes. Joy’s art explores the processes of printmaking, drawing and mixed media within a figurative landscape.  Ann-Marie Bateman’s calligraphic brush work, along with her intuitive approach to drawing, creates compositions that both explore and give glimpses of her everyday life and experiences. Both artists revere the spontaneous and accidental discoveries that each technique brings to a surface as well as the serendipitous delight of the process. This replaces the exhibition 35 Years in the Making as advertised in the March Newsletter.

2023 July Saturday 1 and Sunday 2, 10am - 6pm

Opening Friday 30 June 6-9pm all welcome


A PAINTING EXHIBITION FROM THE MEMBERS OF hART stART art studio ‘… where the hART is’ is the 26th annual exhibition from Balmain hART stART art studio at the Watch house. Audiences will be treated with expressive artworks, rich in exploration of colour and texture. This exhibition is for people who enjoy paintings in modernist styles with strong emphasis on individual expression. What has sustained hART stART studio for 26 years in Balmain is the hART stART method which encourages mindfulness, personal growth, and a sincere friendship which grows between members. Through modernist methods, all members work in a confident personal style in an atmosphere of warm friendly support hART stART studio meets for evening classes on Tuesdays in a designated art studio, just a few minutes walk from The Balmain Watch House. To enquire phone Gary 0410639819 or view the website at        

2023 July Saturday 8 10am to 4.30 and Sunday 9 10am to 4pm    

Drinks with the artists Sat 12-4pm All welcome


‘Westerly’ blows into Balmain to showcase the work of artists from the edges of the greater Sydney region. These artists have formed creative alliances through shared studio spaces, encouraging the development of exciting and diverse artwork that continues to gain momentum, reflecting the vibrant communities of the west. The exhibiting artists represent different cultures and backgrounds, which is clearly evident in their differing aesthetics and interests, yet they have connected as a community with common ground through making art. Over several years they have gathered regularly to support each other’s practice, providing feedback, motivation and encouragement. In this exhibition the group came together to deliver a full and dynamic collection of work across painting and sculpture.

2023 July Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 9am - 4pm

'Meet the Artists' event instead of an opening Sun 16 July 2-4pm. All Welcome


“The passion of the artists and the magic of mosaic and art is celebrated in this exhibition when mosaicists Gretel Perlstone, Deb Kane and Mollie Pegler combine with artists Fiona Barrett and Chris Beard to showcase their work. The mosaic group of talented artists are delighted to be again exhibiting their latest works at the Balmain Watch House. Full of light and colour their works reflect the inspiration of each artist draws from the beauty of nature and the world around them. Painters Fiona and Chris join the group again with a range of abstract and landscapes, watercolours and oils.”

2023 July Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 10am to 4 pm

Opening: Friday 21 July 6pm to 8pm All welcome


From Sydney’s distinctive urban neighbourhoods to domestic interiors, this exhibition brings together work from award winning Fangmin (Jack) Wu, local Balmain landscape artist Jane Sankey, and painter N.G. Malla, known for her ‘house portraits’. Fangmin Wu’s paintings – which span themes from the environment to social problems – have been acquired by public institutions including the Australian National Gallery, and have been selected for national and International exhibitions. Jane Sankey’s work is coveted by collectors locally and around Australia – she is known for her intuitive approach to colour which enlivens her urban and natural landscapes. N.G. Malla’s work explores themes of home and neighbourhood. She has been a finalist in several art prizes, most recently the Lethbridge Landscape Prize 2023. All three artists share a love for the intersections between architecture and the natural environment and their paintings, mixed media, and works on paper, engage with our relationships between…

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2023 July Friday 28, Saturday 29, Sunday30 10am to 4pm

Opening night Thursday 27 July 6-8pm all welcome


Zaille, is a digital and AI collaborative artist creating digital paintings and sculpture. By working with photography, digital imagery, 3D printing and AI technology, Zaille creates digital beings and things that exist in the space between human and non-human and explores the boundaries between the natural and the artificial. The exhibition will question the nature of identity, intellectual property, the act of creation, truth and the relationship between humans and non-human entities, as they roam through the Uncanny Valley. The uncanny valley theory suggests that as computer-generated characters and things become more “real”, there is a point at which they elicit feelings of eeriness or unease in observers. Join us in the Uncanny Valley.      

2023 August Saturday 5 and Sunday 6  11 - 4 pm


Presented by ‘True Blue and a little bit of Yellow” Artists Collective “Colours of Freedom” is a captivating art exhibition dedicated to the Ukrainian Independence Day, celebrated on the 24th of August. This vibrant showcase brings together Ukrainian artists in Australia who have embraced a unique challenge: creating their artworks using only two colours, blue and yellow. Symbolising hope, freedom, and happiness, these hues encapsulate the spirit of Ukraine’s journey towards independence, celebrating the country’s sovereignty and resilience. Through a diverse range of mediums and artistic styles, 5 artists explore the essence of their shared love of nature, the power of positivity during challenging times that embodies the spirit of freedom and fosters cultural exchange between Ukrainian and Australian communities. Join us at “Colours of Freedom” to admire the wonders of nature, the beauty of art and to support Ukrainian people in their pursuit of liberty. Money raised from the…

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2023 August Thursday 10, Friday 11, Saturday 12, Sunday 13 10am to 6pm

Opening Friday 11 August 6-9pm All Welcome


Wet Paint Collective, a group of local women artists, showcase their latest work in their winter show, Blend. The paintings are as diverse as the artists themselves and include landscapes, abstractions, figurative works and more. This exhibition is the sixth of its kind for the collective. The title nods, of course, to the mixing of colours on a palette, the combining of different art styles into one show – and also the way each artist blends her art practice into a busy life.    

2023 August Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 9am - 4pm

Opening Friday 18 6pm - 8pm All welcome


Art Ability is an exhibition of works on paper in a variety of mediums by both current and former secondary students from the special/inclusive education unit at Sydney Secondary College, Blackwattle Bay Campus. This exhibition showcases the skills and talent of our students in the area of artmaking. Themes explored include self-portraits, still-life and cityscapes as well as abstracts in 2D mediums including drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking and collage. Our students have thoroughly immersed themselves in the artmaking process and have worked incredibly hard to produce an impressive collection of original and distinctive artworks. They are looking forward to showing their work in a real-world art context at the Balmain Watch House. The artworks included in this exhibition will not be for sale, however visitors will have the opportunity to buy cards featuring all artworks. Proceeds from the sale of the cards will be used to fund further artmaking…

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2023 August Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 10am to 3pm

Opening 6pm Friday 25 August all welcome


To celebrate History Week 2023 , Theme Voices from the Past, the Balmain Association is presenting the above exhibition. Stories from Balmain including an oral history of long time resident and centenarian William ‘Sagity’ Hill. Balmain in 1970 – short films highlighting the people and zeitgeist of the time and a view of Balmain from abroad with a collection of postcards from Balmain in the early 20th century Please join us at any of the times listed. Image below is Issy Wyner, local councilor for many years, with “Sagity” Hill.        

2023 September Saturday 2 , Tuesday  5, Saturday 9, 11.30am to 3


Jacob Kononiuk is a fine visual artist who showcases his world through the photojournalistic medium. His work is central to portraying the beauty of country and the essence of its present-day people. Light in Spaces is Kononiuk’s first exhibition exploring the similarities & differences – the push and pull – of current suburban life. Kononiuk draws inspiration from renowned Australian photojournalist David Moore and aims to illustrate contemporary Australian and European life. Kononiuk accentuates modern culture, and what it means to be alive today.  

2023 March Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 9am to 6pm

Opening Friday 3 March 2pm - 8pm All welcome.


Ten local artists return to the historic Balmain Watch House to exhibit new work. This exhibition is the fifth reiteration from a group of women artists. Each prior show has coincided with rain and navigated through the challenges of the inclement weather. ‘Wet Paint’ therefore seems a fitting title, but also because these artists continually respond to their changing environments, and as women juggling families and busy lives, remain flexible, optimistic, and tenacious, offering up a diverse collection of creative art making to the community, continually painting up a storm, and yes the paint may still be wet!  

2023 March Saturday 11 and Sunday 12, 9am to 5pm

Opening Friday 10 Mar, 6 - 8pm


The Australian landscape is like no other; unforgiving and harsh, yet also magnetising with its breathtaking beauty. ‘Salt’ is an exploration by contemporary artist, Han Renshaw, of the landscapes and water systems that embody Australia. Over the course of a few months, Han road-tripped along the Eastern and Western coastlines – diving, swimming and exploring the waterways. The variety of forms, colours and emotions experienced from this environmental immersion were further conceptualised through photographs and sketch studies. The final result is evident in the series of dynamic abstract paintings of which ‘Salt’ comprises. Instagram: @hanart.1 Website:

2023 March Saturday 18 and Sunday 19, 11am-3pm

Opening Friday 17 March 6-9pm All welcome


Artists, over time, wander through different techniques searching for ways to express a creative thought, exploring different genres and ideas whilst experimenting with mediums, colour, and tone. This exhibition focuses on the work of eight local artists giving the viewer an insight into the way different artists see the world around them. From a moment at a window with a cup of tea nearby, a silent wandering through a forest, the smell of flowers picked from a garden, or an abstract interpretation of the landscape, you will experience the diversity between artists as they search for individual creative expression.  

2023 Saturday and Sunday March 25 and 26 and Saturday and and Sunday and 1 and 2 April 10am to 4 pm

Opening Friday 24 March 5-7pm All welcome


NATIONAL TRUST HERITAGE FESTIVAL The theme this year is Shared Stories and the Balmain Association, will be sharing stories from the donated collection of family history books and presenting a photographic display of where these stories evolved from. Amongst these stories is that depicted in Gourlies Corner – growing up in Balmain a story about the activities that occurred in a corner grocery store during the 1950s; in contrast the very large Nicholson Brothers family history is about a large scale family boat/ferry building operation where their boats were named with the prefix “Pro” for example, The Providence, The Protex. Of special interest is the lovely My Kid Sister story about a family whose children went to Nicholson Street School, known as the University of Painters and Dockers, and how their education had different outcomes. These stories will evoke memories of products bought at the corner store such as lollies…

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2023 April Tuesdays and Saturdays from Tuesday April 11 to Saturday 6 May 11.30 to 3pm


The Flower Market is Mia Novati’s first solo exhibition showcasing her love of nature and flowers. Mia’s artworks are created by using a mix of oil and impasto medium. This technique, using only a palette knife, applies thick layers of paint to the canvas producing sumptuous and full blooms. With a strong connection to Balmain and a love of beautiful things – Mia’s grandmother, Bess Trollope, owned legendary Balmain decorating store, Linen and Lace; her aunty Prue Trollope owned a popular homewares store in Mullens Street Balmain; her mother and aunty own the well-loved international brand, FLATOUTbear. Mia is excited to have the opportunity to exhibit her work at the Watch House Gallery. Email – Website – Instagram- @mianovatiart

2023 May Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 12 May, 6pm - 8pm All welcome


Art of Susan Cadby & Ann-Marie Bateman First week of exhibition The exhibition explores nature, and the ethereal qualities of light and colour. Both artists work intuitively with various mediums and mark making techniques, emphasising the temporal qualities of light and colour in nature. Susan Cadby is an experienced artist with many years of professional practise in watercolour and acrylic painting. Time and moments captured are distilled in her compositions of land and sea scapes submerging the viewer into vails of brushstrokes and colour. Ann-Marie Bateman art practice seeks to explore the peripheries of sight and glimpses of unseen elements of our world particularly in nature. Over the last twenty years she has examined nature’s wisdom, light, tone and colour, through macroscopic photography of flowers, grasses and various surfaces from day to day routines. The exhibition leads the viewer on a journey of creative viewpoints not often representational but experienced…

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2023 May Friday 19, Saturday 20, Sunday 21and Monday 22 10.00-4.00pm

Opening Friday 19th May Official opening 5.00pm-10.00pm - Guest speaker TBA 7.00pm


This is Week 2  of Susan Cadby & Ann-Marie Bateman’s exhibition. The exhibition explores nature, and the ethereal qualities of light and colour. Both artists work intuitively with various mediums and mark making techniques, emphasising the temporal qualities of light and colour in nature. Susan Cadby is an experienced artist with many years of professional practise in watercolour and acrylic painting. Time and moments captured are distilled in her compositions of land and sea scapes submerging the viewer into vails of brushstrokes and colour. Ann-Marie Bateman art practice seeks to explore the peripheries of sight and glimpses of unseen elements of our world particularly in nature. Over the last twenty years she has examined nature’s wisdom, light, tone and colour, through macroscopic photography of flowers, grasses and various surfaces from day to day routines. The exhibition leads the viewer on a journey of creative viewpoints not often representational but experienced…

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2023 May Friday 26, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 10-4.00pm


Join me on a journey through the captivating connection between nature, art and family in my latest exhibition “Heartwood”. During lockdown, my father retired and joined a South Coast bushwalking club. Whenever he goes on a walk with his friends, he sends the family photos of the places he’s been. Stuck in Sydney, unable to travel more than 10km away from my home, I translated these photographs into paintings. Each painting is uniquely captured on slices of fallen Jugiong trees. The tree slices presented a new set of challenges to me, as the grooves in the wood guided my hand in unexpected directions. Through this intricate process, the wood itself seemed to come alive, telling stories of the trees and the whispers along the breeze. Every woodblock is unique; featuring a swirling grain, curling bark and brightly coloured memory all of its own. Witness the alluring beauty of Heartwood at…

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2023 June Saturday 3 and Sundy 4 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 2 Jun 5.30 to 8.30 All welcome


Chloe is a Balmain based artist who sells work locally and internationally. Traditionally educated and trained, she has worked in a variety of mediums but finds herself drawn to working in watercolour due to its fluid and unpredictable nature. Chloe is known for her beautifully whimsical loose watercolour creations based on her great love and respect for animals and our natural surroundings. She brings life and personality to her creations and invites her audience to perceive all creatures as individual and sentient beings. Website is

2023 June 10, 11, 12 10 am- 5 pm

Opening Friday 9 June 5-8.30 pm All welcome


Original copies of the Link, local Balmain newspaper from the 1960s and 70s, will be available to peruse, a newspaper that serviced the Balmain, Birchgrove, Rozelle and Lilyfield areas of Sydney. We are currently ‘hands on’ with digitising the copies from the 1960s and early 70s. Issues such as banning plastic bags and council amalgamations feature prominently and this was 50 years ago!! A fascinating story from the November 1969 issue informs us of plans for the Balmain Hospital to expand and increase services for the increasing population in the area. A front page article from April 1970 informs the local population that the Balmain Watch House, after a major restoration, is officially opened. Many more stories from our history will be revealed at our exhibition.

2022 Saturday 3 September, Tuesday 6 September and Saturday 10 September
11:30am to 3:00pm


The magic of mosaic and art is celebrated in this exhibition when mosaicists Gretel Perlstone, Margaret Tessarolo, Deb Kane and Mollie Pegler combine with artist Carolyn Thomson to showcase their work. The mosaic group of talented artists are delighted to be again exhibiting their latest works at the Balmain Watch House. Full of light and colour their works reflect the inspiration each artist draws from the beauty of nature and the world around them. Carolyn Thomson’s flower realism style of artwork , in both acrylics and oils , shows her keen observation in detail and her passion for colour. Each flower coming to life on canvas reflecting her inspiration from the natural world.              

2022 August Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 10am - 4pm


A time to reconnect through art, whilst everyday life draws us away, art is like the magnet which connects us together through culture, time and experiences. A collaboration of Turkish inspired art works including Ebru Art (Turkish Paper Marbling) by Serpil Gurkan, made with natural pigments from the earth using century old techniques. Each piece is unique and cannot be replicated. Come and be inspired by our contemporary limited-edition collection, inspired by centuries old geometric patterns and beautiful 16th Century Ottoman Palace textiles. Handmade with love, each piece created on 100% woollen felt using traditional screen-printing methods. Instagram: serpilgurkan          

2022 September, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18, 10am to 5pm

Opening Friday 16, 5 – 8pm All Welcome


Expression of colour is everything! I love the way colour creates an emotional response, it is my inspiration. My ambition is to capture something transient in what I see and feel in the world around me. This is Balmain, the harbour and the northern beaches where I grew up and still feel draw to. My subjects are nature- whether it’s a traditional landscape, still life or watercolours. I use traditional materials of oil paint on canvas and board and watercolour on paper. I look forward to welcoming you to my exhibition.  

2022 September Saturday 24, 11am to 4pm and Sunday 25, 11am to 3pm

Opening Friday 23, 6.00-9.00pm all welcome


The Society of Arts and Crafts of New South Wales exhibition “Handcrafted – Rethink, Reuse, Recycle” is a challenge and an experiment to use materials that have been discarded and only used once. We’ve activated our craft skills and imagination to create new pieces that are valid, amusing and useful for yet another cycle of life and this process of repurposing and recycling can continue yet again  The members of Craft NSW and their guest exhibitors have played and worked with everything from railway sleepers, discarded blankets, used clothing, litter from parks, beaches, streets, and playgrounds. The works are all handmade with skill, enthusiasm and lateral thinking and thus rescuing discards from being yet another addition to landfill or as litter clogging our environment. Instead it has expanded our field of raw materials for our craft and inspiration. Our pieces are valid craft and art to be used or to…

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2022 October 7 to 18, 10am to 6p

Meet the Makers, Thursday 13 Oct, 5 - 8pm


Femelle is a collective of local Inner West female artists which celebrates fun, family, creativity and opportunity for everyone on their artistic journey!  

2022 October Saturday 22 and Sunday 23, 9am to 5pm

Opening Friday 21 6pm to 8 pm All Welcome


Working for our exhibition….. In this group exhibition, four artists come together to share their impressions of our world and what captivates them about the environment, both natural and manmade. Exploring place, light, everyday objects, native bushland, indigenous culture, shape, form and colour Antoinette, Kate, Louise and Rachel bring together a diverse yet harmonious collection of works. As passionate educators, all four women are dedicated to artistic exploration and education of all kinds including the development of creative, inspired and engaged communities. Instagram: @antoinettetyndalart @katenielsenart @littlelouartist @rachelcarollartist    

2022 October Thursday 27, Friday 28, Saturday 29, 9am to 5 pm, Sunday 30, 10am to 4pm


See Saw is a gathering of recently completed collages, paintings, drawings and objects by Sydney artist Martin Watson. ‘These works have evolved over an extended period of time and reflect my changing world. Materials and themes are eclectic, discarded ephemera to pastels and acrylics. Recycled board and canvas give me a freedom to create works that hopefully transcend their humble origins. My art practice is an attempt to reconcile the throwaway nature of consumer culture, to challenge perception and give poetic expression to my everyday experience.’ Instagram: @martinwatsonart – Website:

2022 November, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6, 10am to 4pm

Opening: Friday 4 Nov, 5-9pm All welcome!


A mixed media exhibition from three artist friends, calling themselves Brush Needle Lens Clay, who originally met singing together in a Balmain choir. They have exhibited previously but are exhibiting for the first time together to create a varied and interesting array of art. Rhonda Stien – mixed media fabric artist Karen Presland – photographer and collagist Sue Buckle – ceramic artist Inspiration has come from the Woolwich peninsula which consists of a succession of bays and knolls leading down to the meeting point of the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers known as ‘Moocooboola’. The Woolwich dock itself cuts into Hawkesbury sandstone that was laid down by an ancient inland river system. Weathering has resulted in a spur off from the Hunter’s Hill/Woolwich ridgeline forming Clarkes Point, which is a popular weekend retreat for many Sydneysiders. The exhibition highlights the many facets and textures of the landscape and the river…

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2022 November Saturday 12, Sunday 13 10am to 4pm


A Place To Return is a group exhibition of the work of emerging artists Deidre Fitzpatrick, Janet Cheetham and Melissa Drew. This body of work captures the beauty and energy of landscapes that resonate in the artists’ experiences. Their observations of architecture, harbour foreshore, and surrounding tranquil bushlands offer a window through which to view the lives of the artists and their communities during the upheaval of Covid-19 and the slow return to normalcy in its aftermath. Deidre’s work has been exhibited in the Waverley Woollahra 9 x 5 Landscape Art Prize. Janet had her work featured in the 2021 Primavera exhibition at The Shop Gallery and Autunno at The Watch House in March this year. Melissa is a Northern Beaches artist returning to painting after a career in commercial graphic design. This is Melissa’s first presentation of work inspired by her affinity with her local region.      …

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2022 November Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20, 10 -5pm 

Opening Thursday 17 November 4-7 pm All Welcome


Xanthe Muston is a young Australian artist based in Sydney. Influenced by her interest and studies in literature, Xanthe’s practice explores themes of memory, identity, and the narratives we construct to make sense of both. Using a range of watercolour, gouache, ink and oil paint, she explores the complicated ways that we recall, preserve, and ultimately fictionalise the past to give us a sense of ease in the present. Website    (my Instagram is @xanthe.muston) Image: Attached below, entitled ‘Jack and James and Just Juice,’ watercolour, gouache, pen, collage, and stickers on paper, 84cm x 59 cm

2022 November Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, 9am- 5pm

Opening Friday 3pm- 9pm All Welcome


Susanna Chen Chow is has established a prolific painterly practice. She travels extensively around Australia, exploring its diverse landscapes and sites. Her work has been exhibited in numerous art competitions and galleries in Australia and her works have been acquired by collectors in Hong Kong, New York and Europe. She has received multiple awards.Susanna explores sensate and emotive experiences of the Australian countryside using her memory and imagination to capture landscape and floral scenes, translating them into images that evoke the mood and the feeling of the place rather than accurate representations. Her style includes abstraction and figuration demonstrating confident lines and bold painterly marks.Wild Flowers 2 WA-acrylic on canvas 92x76cm                 10% of the sales will be donated to the CanRevive Cancer Foundation.  

2022 December each day from Saturday 3 to Saturday 10, 9am to 6pm

Opening Friday 2 December 5-8 pm All Welcome


  Death by Demolition This new book traces the history of demolished houses in the Balmain area (Balmain, Birchgrove and Rozelle) from its earliest house built c 1815 to an inter-war bungalow recently demolished in November 2021.           Walks The Balmain peninsular is best seen by walking. These three updated booklets have walking tours around Balmain East Birchgrove Rozelle             Balmain Places Three revised booklets describing important historic locations on the Balmain peninsular Gladstone Park Balmain Coalmine Mort’s Dock     For more information on these and all our other publications please scroll down


Mamas with Easels is a local artist collective which encourages all females to nurture and embrace their creativity and artistic ambition. Creative expression is a natural instinct which incites joy, tells a little about our story and inspires those around us. Making art connects people and keeps us growing a healthy sense of self perception and a positive personal identity – vital for wellbeing and fulfilment. Come and enjoy the artwork of an amazing group of local female artists who are on a journey with their art.

2021 November Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 10-4pm


This exhibition presents the work of Fiona Chaplin and Gail Barfod. Inspired by their love of nature and the play of colour and design in the natural world.  With bold colours, organic shapes and mark making, each artist expresses what it means to step through the tangled world we live in and capture the essence of a place.   Connecting with the beauty and strength in the intimacy of the landscape, one stands still and breathes deeply.  Artists come together to find that deep connection we are all looking for. An expression of who we are and where we are going.  ‘INTERTWINED, we raise our creative voices and ask you to step into our world.’  

2021 December Friday 3 Dec to Sun 5 Dec and Wed 8 Dec to Sun 12 Dec 11am to 6pm   

Opening Fri 3 Dec 6 - 8 pm.  All Welcome!