Past Exhibitions


The essence of light is the ethereal element that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, the enlightened or the enigmatic. It is also the process of imagery, the art of production that transposes the artist’s idea to the audience. The journey to find this essence is a personal one and can take a lifetime. The exhibition presents contemporary images from a group of artists as they work to unlock, explore and define their meaning of the essence of light as part of the Head On Photo Festival 2018. Official ceremony Saturday 12, 1pm for 2pm with Guest Speaker, Greg Piper please join us.

May 2018 Friday 4 10-6pm, Sat 5, Sun 6 10-5:30pm, Wed 9, Thurs 10, Fri 11 10-6pm Sat 12, Sun 13, 10-5.30

Official ceremony Saturday 12, 1pm for 2pm All welcome


Christien presents her ‘For your Eyes Only’ solo exhibition showcasing both acrylic & ink art pieces. Her aim is that her art pieces be explored & evaluated by each individual in order that there be a connection, engagement & personal assessment. Her acrylic pieces are highly structured geometrics which engage with a sense of colour, texture & movement. In contrast to the ink artworks which are colourful, fluid and have a never-ending intrigue. As Christien has lived, painted & exhibited in a number countries within the Asia Pacific region her works have been collected both domestically & internationally. Having a background in interior design, her works aim to create a sense of individuality whilst at the same time adding to the ambience of both a traditional or contemporary environment. Let your eyes be your judge as they guide you through the exhibition.  

May 2018 Saturday 19 and Sunday 20, 9.45-4.30

Opening night: Friday, 18 May – 6.30-8.30 all welcome


Travelling through France and Italy Gary and Rowena found inspiration for their painting from the walls of the buildings, where a trace of the people who lived there over the centuries are held in the fading marks they left behind. For Rowena, complex layered multi media works on paper seek to find these haunting whispers of the past, held in the patina of a wall in rooms from Pompeii to Chenonceau. Gary’s large canvas works are explorations of his encounters with the passages and walls outside, where the decay, renovation and subsequent deterioration provide, at every corner, another experience of the intricacy of human habitation. Gary’s paintings seek to encapsulate his experience of these echoes of the past through his rich exploration of texture and colour.  

May 2018 Saturday 26 10am-5pm Sunday 27 10-4pm, Friday 1 12.30-5 Saturday 2 10-5pm Sunday 3 10-4

Opening Drinks with the artists 12.30 -3pm Saturday 26 May


An exhibition of Richard Sercombe’s latest works. Landscapes, including some from recent trips to England and Northern Italy. Also, Richard continues to explore new approaches to capture the essence of floral subject matter. The exhibition will include an ex exhibition clearance sale, with reductions of 50 percent being common. Call in and enjoy a drink and some nibbles while you view this exciting exhibition.  

June 2018 Saturday 9, Sunday 10 and Monday 11 10.00 to 6pm

Opening Friday June 8 at 7:30pm, with a preview from 6pm. All Welcome.


The Architecture of Birds Birds are all around us and yet we do not speak their language or have any great understanding of their world. We invade and change their environment with so little thought or consideration, and urban development is the greatest cause of loss of habitat. Claire Armstrong, Vicki Ratcliff, Evan Armstrong and Helen Mackay are four Pittwater artists with very different styles and approaches. As artists they attempt to capture the spirit of the birds with watercolour, acrylic, oils, ink and etchings. Their images reflect their insights into the world of birds. The exhibition depicts their individual response to birds and their love affair with nature and birds. They invite you to deepen your connection with the environment of birds.  

June 2018 Saturday 16 and Sunday 17, 10-4

Opening Friday 15, 6-8.30pm by Simon Duffy, head of conservation and science Taronga Zoo.All welcome.

Mamas With Easels is an Inner West community project bringing together the artistic passions of women who are nurturing their own creative spirit as they nurture their own young ones. Their work is expressive, vibrant and playful. As they face the challenges of motherhood and embrace the many tender moments, they are entwining their arty selves into the tapestry of the journey itself. Fun and charming, soulful and enriching, this colourful and diverse exhibition of eight local female artists will certainly please the visual palette whilst the warm and nostalgic environment of the venue will make for a delightful visit.      

February Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 9am to 4pm

Opening Friday 9 Drinks 6 to 8.30pm All welcome


Jackson Wood is a young photographer who was born in Birchgrove the son of a local shipwright. Naturally he spends much of his time mucking about the waterways, boating, fishing and swimming. This exhibition is a stunning collection of sea and landscape photos that he has captured as part of his daily life travelling between his two homes on the South Coast near Central Tilba and Balmain.    

February Saturday 17 10am-4pm and Sunday 18 11am-4pm

Opening Friday 16 - 6-9pm  All welcome


A collection of beautiful and diverse oil paintings by Vicky Kastanias Vicky Kastanias is a developing Sydney based artist who began painting in her 60s after the passing of her husband. Vicky was always drawn to art and attended galleries but never thought of picking up a pencil or brushes to try it herself. On a whim, she attended art classes and found she had an ability to capture any image.  Oil painting became a passion. Before long, family and friends started requesting images for their own home displays. No subject was too challenging. Vicky is primarily drawn to the beauty of nature but paints a broad spectrum of themes and styles including still life, landscape, fantasy, abstract and religious images. This is Vicky’s first solo show.

February Sat 24 and Sunday 25  10am to 5pm 

Opening Fri 23rd Feb - 6pm to 8pm All welcome


Robyn Sharp This exhibition reflects the freedom I find in creating – a joyful process, where I can capture moments of imagination, fragments of memories, and the many levels of human emotion. My style is evolving; each creation teaches me about myself and is like a mirror of my life and emotions. I strive to be an authentic artist, one who bares their soul through art.  I suppose one day, my craft will stabilise and become artistically identifiable, but then again it might not. After all, we are forever changing beings, and my art is the change in me!          

March  Saturday 3 and Sunday 4  10.30am– 5.00pm

Friday 2 7.00pm – 9.00pm All welcome


The Balmain Peninsula Park Painters are holding their 14th annual exhibition at the Balmain Watch House from Friday the 9th of March to Sunday the 11th of March 2018. The theme for this exhibition is “Balmain and Beyond”, which will feature many of the local community’s favourite scenes and subjects, as well as a variety of other works, including overseas, still life and animals. This group of artists has been very successful in their long history of annual public exhibitions at the Watch House and have regularly exhibited, sold works and won awards at local community art shows in Sydney. This free exhibition opens from 5:30 to 8pm on Friday, 9th March 2018. Please come and join us for a glass of wine on the opening night or anytime over the weekend (Saturday, 10th March and Sunday, 11th March, from 10am to 4pm). Please join us for a glass of…

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March Saturday 10 and Sunday 11, 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 9, 5:30 - 8pm All Welcome


Carolyn Haywood, Jeanette Prout and Barbara Ward are three artists with different styles and approaches to their work. We share a long-time passion for art and will be exhibiting together in March 2018. Etchings, photographs, drawings, artist’s books, watercolour and acrylic paintings will be for sale at reasonable prices. The subjects are colourful and varied with something to suit anyone.

March Friday, 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18, 10am-4pm

Opening Friday 16, 6 - 8pm All welcome


A show organised by Andra Krumins featuring different artists across varied media such as ceramics, print, photography, painting and drawing, to offer works both useful and purely decorative. The three, small, lockup cells of the Watch House will be individually themed as LIFE, HAPPINESS and HARDSHIP to create a sense of coherence and philosophical separation through different groupings of relevant works, while the other spaces will display a general exuberance of artistic output!

March Saturday 24 and Sunday 25, 10am-5pm

Friday 23 March at 5-8pm All welcome

The Balmain Association will present a series of photographs by David Liddle of local people from non Anglo backgrounds. Also on display will be a selection of photos from his Balmain book and photos from the series, ‘people in the streets of Balmain’. Join us for the opening of this revealing culturally diverse exhibition at 2pm on Saturday 7 April The exhibition will continue during Heritage Week on Saturdays 11am to 4pm and Tuesdays 11am to 1pm during the month of April.

April 2018 Saturdays 11am to 4pm and Tuesdays 11am to 1pm Saturdays 11am to 4pm and Tuesdays 11am to 1pm

2pm Saturday 7 April. All welcome


10am to 3pm on 19, 20 and 26, and 10am to 2pm on 24, 25 and 27. FACETS, the biennial exhibition of extraTexture Extratexture is a diverse group of five Sydney based textile artists who meet to share techniques, develop ideas and challenge each other’s textile art and mixed media practices : Cindy Cooper, Barbara McLennan, Margaret Millar, Kay Murray and Kerrie Shelberg. They will be happy to chat about where they obtain their inspiration and some of the ways they work while you enjoy a glass of wine with cheese and biscuits. One feature of each exhibition so far is the group challenge where each member is asked to present their interpretation of a photo or an idea. On this the fourth exhibition everyone was given a piece of fabric and asked to use some of it in their interpretation of the theme   “In the Garden” More information about…

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August Saturday 19, Sunday 20. Thursday 24, Friday 25, Saturday 26, Sunday 27

On Saturday 19th August at 2p.m. you are invited to meet the artists


Balmain Association presents a Bruce Petty retrospective and Jan wood’s interpretation of POP, “From Gramophone to Google”. “From Gramophone to Google”. There are 3 Aspects PRE POP ie Pre plastic – Pre 1958 as epitomised by Bakelite (78 records  were made of this) and  Australia very much a  part of the British Empire. POP – 1958 onwards – The Age of Plastic (45’s were called Vinyls) The Age of Americanisation and Capitalism with a background setting of the Cold War. POST POP – The Digital Age – Globalisation – The mobile phone The Age of the Internet. The paintings encourage the viewer to Google key words and open discourse on what POP means to them.

September Saturdays 2, 9, 16, 23 11.30 am to 4pm

2p Saturday 2 September All welcome


Come and see an exhibition of oil paintings by former Balmain resident, Tom Fuggle. The works featured are atmospheric seascape studies capturing moments of harbour life, and include ‘The Wake’ entered for the Wynne Prize 2017. Tom Fuggle grew up in London and studied Architecture in Edinburgh.   Website: Tom Fuggle

September, Saturday 30 and Sunday 1 and Monday 2 October, 9am-5pm

Opening Friday 29 6pm-9pm All welcome


Chris Donaldson’s exhibition consists of over forty photographs in both digital colour, and film & darkroom produced black & white, marking significant moments in time and place from inland Australia to the streets of New York – from Venice to London – Iceland to Peru and much in between. I love the way photographs record in fine detail moments that would otherwise be lost in our fading memories. But more than that, they can be expressive works of art that have a beauty and meaning that extend beyond the actual experience of the moment. The forty plus works to be exhibited here have been made in many countries across the world, with an emphasis on inland and outback Australia, but in all cases marking times and places of significance, both large and small. I have drawn from the natural and built environments, the historic, the modern, the amusing and the…

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October, Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 10am to 5pm

Opening Friday 6. 6 to 8.30pm, all welcome.


The group is returning after their successful exhibition in 2015. This exhibition showcases six artists and the scenes from the world that surrounds them. Cecilia Hwang brings together her friends Mee Lee, Samuel Keem, Ida Arakel, Lorraine Kolenko and Ellie Hwang to bring a diverse collection of different mediums and styles.  

October, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15, 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 13th 6.30pm all welcome


South Coast artist Hela Donela comes back to Balmain with her third annual exhibition at the Watch House. The exhibition explores the theme of TOUCH from various aspects. Hela absorbs simple moments of life: beautiful and painful and processes them into paintings. Through her paintings Hela calls the viewer to take a moment in a hectic world – to pause, feel and to allow them to touch the viewer emotionally. Hela’s works and the use of  metalire or egg shells as well as the textured nature of the paintings, call the viewer to touch. During the exhibition Hela opens selected paintings to careful touch by the viewer. She encourages a new and sensory approach to experiencing visual art : through vision, sound, words AND feeling the painting with touch. Hela will be available to share the stories and discuss her paintings. This exhibition is one not to miss. Her previous…

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October Saturday 21, Sunday 22, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29, 11am to 5pm

Opening Friday 20 6.30 - 8.30 all welcome


We are a group of friends who have painted together for 10 years . This will be our third exhibition at the Watchouse in Balmain. Please come and visit our exhibition of  Landscapes Portraits Villages scenes , Seascapes ,still life you name it we have probably painted it and have it available for sale at our exhibition. Our prices are very competitive as we paint for love not to eat! All of us have attended international, Australian and local workshops with many internationally reputable tutors.   We look forward to meeting you in November 4/5 , Ruth Busbridge, Chris Capell,  Pamela Duffin,  Keith Lamport and Bruce Stanley.

NOVEMBER Saturday 4 and Sunday 5, 10am to 4pm


All exhibited works are available at affordable prices. Allan Coker is a renowned sporting and Outback photographer. His works of land and seascapes have a painterly effect. Corinne Gaston uses a range of media. She travelled extensively in Asia and Tibet and her works reflect the natural and cultural influences about her. Barbara Hamilton is watercolour and acrylic painter, with a fluid painting style, of the harbor, coastal scenes and inner city street-scenes.. Carlie Lopez is a sculptor with a quirky style, carving aerated concrete, sandstone and limestone; hand-building and welding scrap metal. Stephanie Maraz works in mixed media, printmaking and sketching, emphasizing colour, shape, shadow and reflection, texture, and experimentation. Jenny Saunders-Thompson is a watercolourist in the wet-on-wet technique, painting the harbour, boats and bays as well as local streetscapes, landscapes, still life, flora and fauna.  

November Saturday 11 and Sunday 12, 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 10 6-8pm All welcome


Denise Barry, Deanna Doyle, paintings,drawings/mixed media, Pamela Pauline, fine arts photography. “In the past all of life was based on trees.”  The 14h Dalai Lama. Today, we respect that significance and honour their majesty. This exhibition came spontaneously for the three of us, we were all expressing our art, our passion, independently on “trees”. So, it spoke for us.  

November, Thursday 16, Friday 17, Saturday 18, Sunday 19, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 11am-5pm

Opening Friday 17, 6-8.30pm. All welcome


FIONA DAVIS and HELEN ROSS are two Well Known Balmain Artists showing works depicting colour, movement, emotion and most of all happiness!  

DECEMBER Saturday 2, 10am-6pm and Sunday 3,  10am-4pm

Opening Friday 1, 6-8pm All welcome


Fiona Davis, Suzanne Fredericks , Kerri Kerley,  Marlysse Medina, Mollie Pegler,  Julie Percy,  Helen Ross Seven complimentary artists showing works depicting colour, movement, emotion and diversity juxtaposed with grace. Their individual personalities portray their artistic journeys in various forms and techniques.  

May Saturday 27 10am to 6pm and Sunday 28 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 26 6 to 8pm All welcome


Works on paper by Helen Brancatisano This exhibition is the culmination of numerous visits to Cockatoo Island and research into the turbulent history of the ‘Biloela’ Industrial School for Girls established on the island in  1871. Its purpose was to remove destitute girls from the streets of Sydney while providing them with an education that would enable employment in domestic positions.  The institution, however, was plagued with mismanagement and cruelty. The girls were housed in the original convict prison, and the name ‘Biloela’, an aboriginal word for ‘cockatoo’, was chosen to wipe out association with the notorious convict years on the island. In the face of their inescapable situation the girls were often defiant and vociferous. Their turbulent story moves through the island’s immutable sandstone cliffs and the physical remains of the prison. These works, including drypoint etchings, monotypes and mixed media, strive to evoke the haunting human presence of those now…

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June Saturday 3 June, Sunday 4 and Saturday 10 and Sunday 11, 10am to 4.30pm

Opening Friday 2, 6 to 8.30pm All welcome.


Four lifelong friends, who were born in Latin American countries but who have lived most of their lives in Australia, have combined their efforts to exhibit their eclectic and powerful art. The artists are:  Beatriz Copello:  In her Abstract Intuitional style she reflects the Australian landscape.   Clara Elena Uribe Norman:  Creates earthy sculptures inspired by Australia.  Carmen Julia Henry: Her Cosmic Impressionist paintings take the viewer on a trip from the land to the stars.  Maggie Escarting:  In her paintings she celebrates the lives of children, her style is uniquely Naïve.  She also will exhibit a collection of paintings that try to replicate her grandmother’s lace making with her intricate and detailed art. Dr Anne Summers, Author and Journalist will open the exhibition on Saturday 17th of June at 6pm.  Please join us for wine and nibbles.  

June 2017 FRIDAY 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18, 11am to 7pm

Saturday 17 June at 6pm Please join us


This is the 21st annual exhibition from Balmain hART stART Studio, now in its 22nd year in Balmain Through modernist methods, and the introductory abstract painting units, all members develop a confident personal style in an atmosphere of warm friendly support. hART stART studio meets Tuesday evenings in a designated art studio beneath Campbell St Presbyterian church, just a few minutes walk from The Balmain Watchouse. The next FREE introductory trial evening for new members will be on Tuesday 18th July 6.30pm OR Wednesday 19th July 10.30am, . To reserve a place, phone Gary on 0410639819 or apply at    

June 2017 Saturday 24 10-4.30 and Sunday 25 10-4.00

Drinks with the artists Sat 1-3pm All welcome


Artisans Ryde Inc is a celebration of diverse artists collaborating to create original and innovative art in a nurturing environment. We live, work or play in Ryde. Our shared mission is to enhance the relationships with the artistic community in Ryde and build an environment for collaboration and partnerships across varying artistic disciplines. We express our creativity through glass, yarn, fabrics, ceramics, photographs, pencils, water colours and oils to name a few. Each piece is individually crafted. Our ‘Made from the Heart’ exhibition encapsulates the essence of our work and the diversity of our media.      

July 2017 Saturday 1 and Sunday 2, 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 30 June 6pm to 8pm All Welcome


Indian mirror work adornment is used in embroidery and decorating buildings from simple mud huts to ornate palaces. Called shisha, from the Persian sheesh meaning little glass, traditional societies warded off the evil eye through the lavish use of shisha in clothing, while the Sheesh Palace at Amber Fort, Jaipur is a pinnacle of mirror work. A direct experience of these forms of shisha inspiration can be found in the exhibition hosted by Christine Young and Lorna Harrison.  Previews can be enjoyed in Lorna’s shop India in Balmain, 442 Darling Street and found on Facebook.    

July 2017 Saturday 8, 10.30am to 5pm and Sunday 9, 10.30am to 4pm

Opening 7 July 6pm until 8 pm All welcome


The Outliers are a group of four artists: Kristine Ballard, Melony Smirniotis, Tony Hooke and Peter Porteous. This group exhibition at the Balmain Watchouse reflects their passion for the Australian landscape and pays homage to the great Australian impressionist landscape artists of the past. In keeping with this sentiment, they have reached back in time to the famous Melbourne 9 X 5 exhibition of 1889 which featured some of Australia’s greatest impressionist artists such as Sir Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and Charles Condor. Forty works for The Outliers exhibition will be painted on cigar box lids, focusing on individual artist styles whilst paying tribute to the shift in Australian art influenced by the Heidelberg school. Four major works will also be exhibited. Each artist brings to the exhibition their unique perspective of the Australian landscape and the way they interpret the colour and light.  

July 2017 Friday 14, Saturday 15, Sunday 16 and Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 10am to 4pm

Opening: Friday 14 6-8pm All welcome


August Saturday 5, Sunday 6, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13, 10am to 4.30pm ‘   Press On ‘ … a new exhibition from sydney gallery school Open Studio Printmakers This group of dynamic printmakers is working together with their individual vision unchanged, inviting the viewer to expand the interpretation between the language and visual media. These artists meet to share their love of printmaking in ‘ Open Studio Practice ‘ sessions at Sydney Gallery School, Meadowbank. This printmaking collective strives to enhance and maintain its reputation by exhibiting works of quality and diversity to increase the understanding and appreciation of printmaking within the broader community. They set out to create artworks that focus their original thinking, artistic integrity and diversity by using a wide range of styles and techniques. You will see works on paper in the forms of etchings, lino and wood cuts, screen print, collagraph, solar plate etchings and…

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August 2017 Saturday 5, Sunday 6, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13, 10am to 4.30pm

Official opening from 3pm on Saturday, 5 August 2017 All welcom

The Balmain Association is presenting this exhibition about the protests and struggles over the years that helped to preserve our heritage, our history and our community. Issues such as ferry services, container terminal, coal loader, army at Mort Bay, Mort Housing development, the five sites etc. etc. Also early days of protest and advocacy by people such as Maybanke Anderson who lived in Wharf Rd and later produced a fortnightly paper, Woman’s Voice, in 1890s. If you have a story, some photos that you would like included in the exhibition please contact one of the following. Email: or phone Kathleen 9818 4954, Ross 9810 8592 Please join us for drinks at 2pm Saturday 8 April The exhibition will be open during April on Saturdays 8, 15, 22 and 29, 11.30 to 3pm and Tuesdays 11, 18, 25 11am to 1pm.    


Little Lost Girl Graham Wilson Graham is a self published local author who formerly lived in Balmain and now lives in the Rocks. He has written 3 novels called the ‘Old Balmain House’ Series. These are predominantly set in Balmain from the 1840s to current day. To date he has sold them overseas as ebooks. He is now releasing the second edition as a print book to be launched on Thursday 23 February, 6-8 pm. Graham invites all to attend. From the author’s note: This is a work of fiction. However many locations and parts of the history of Balmain are true. For those who are interested there is factual information behind the story in the Appendix. The idea for this novel began soon after they purchased a much loved cottage in Balmain where they found a sepia photo of a small girl who lived in the house about 100…

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If you are worried about traffic congestion and the WestConnex you should consider the how people moved around in the early days. Duncan MacLausan’s book Balmain Peninsula Transport History will enlighten you and make a great christmas gift for family and friends. To be launched 2pm Saturday 10th December at the Balmain Watch House, 179 Darling St, Balmain. In Duncan’s words “They say that you wait ages for a bus and then two come at once. For me that seems to be the case with writing books. In December two of my transport history projects come to fruition; one on Balmain and the other on Sydney’s horse buses. Balmain’s transport history is fascinating including ferries, trams, railways, horse and motor buses, from the early days when watermen rowed residents from Millers Point to wharves at the east end of the peninsula. As the population grew the watermen formed a ferry…

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  “L’Art du Voyage” is based on three months travel I did last year in the Autumn months. I journeyed to London, Wales, Ireland, France, Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Malta with their magnificent art collections. This will be Catherine Harry’s 4th exhibition at The Watch House. The other three successful shows have also been based on journey and the joys of discovery and learning through travel. For a painting to succeed the artist needs to realise a vision and interpret it imaginatively. If you’re making work about a particular experience and place you have to spend time absorbing and being immersed in it. The last 15 years I have spent long periods of time in Europe with first hand contemplation of masterworks in galleries giving invaluable insight. My work is about story telling, poetry and experimenting with mark making and methods of paint application that retain an abstract quality yet read…

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November Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 10am-4pm

Opening Friday 25 6-8pm All welcome


Crystallise brings together the artistic expression of Christine Young and Margaret Kelly artistic and social concerns with imaginative, visual and social cognition and how these forces crystallise as experience in the external world. Lit by crystal, Christine’s peacocks and lyrebirds, take flights of fanciful imagination to of irrealis, a place of possibility where the horizon might meet the sea or the fire touches the earth. Margaret’s work, like a meditation, offers the viewer white space and the chance to quietly process the intensity of the juxtaposition of colours and patterns in one section of the collage.  Black and white ink lines wrap around the concentration of concrete forms and intrudes into these white shapes, reflecting the tension between meditation and our busy lives.  

December Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 10am-4pm

Opening Friday 2 December 6-8pm all welcome.


Graham Cheney , Barbara Newton and Talia Iaconis are three art educators who have come together for a group exhibition defining a passion for the landscape and the figure. They are able to adapt a subject matter such as ‘Figures and the landscape’ in the most unique and individual ways. They capture the essence of the landscape through varying techniques but also their own source of knowledge, degrees of experience and understanding of the subject matter. To each artist their landscape tells a completely different story and arouses senses of colour, form and light in its individual representation, at times transcending from a flat surface into 3D form.    

January Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 10am-4pm

Opening Friday 20, 6-8pm All welcome

There will be an exhibition of ferries, trams and buses and a return of the popular story boards “Callan Park: Compassion and Conflict in the Asylum”.  

Saturdays January 28 and February 4 11.30 to 3pm


An exhibition of works created in Beijing, China by Australasian artist Rone Waugh aka Wu Long Curated by Shen Xue  In these works the artist has set out give his views on modern day China in an innovative and ground-breaking format. PAINTING WITH LIGHT  Incorporating painting and traditional calligraphy with modern materials Waugh has developed a method of utilising layers of plastic film illuminated by LED adding a further dimension to the works. Waugh conceptualised this format during a three month residency at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. The works have received recognition from the Australian Government with a Highly Commended Certificate at the inaugural Arts in Asia Awards.

February Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 10am-4pm

Opening Friday 10 at 6pm, All welcome


This exhibition is by three visual artists from around the world who explore themes of the exterior and interior world. April White is an award-winning artist. Originally from Canada the paintings in this show have influences from Australia, Canada and her own interior world. Yoka Terzic is an artist born in Yugoslavia. She explores themes of personal identity and mythology influenced by outsider art and early cultures. She will be showing ink drawing and paintings. Nicholas Beckett will be displaying illustrations for two authors. One a writer of modern fairy tales in Canada and the other writes about life in the urban sprawl of Philadelphia.  

April Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 10am-5pm

Opening Friday 31 March - 6pm-8pm All welcome


This is the first group exhibition by four Sydney artists, drawn together through interconnecting and longstanding friendships and their backgrounds in graphic design. It will highlight the individual nature of their artistic paths and the inspiration they find in all that surrounds them. The pieces presented in ‘First by 4’ will be as individual the four artists who have created them – four women who have been drawn together through friendship, and who all have a background in graphic design. Nita Lewis has reverted to charcoal drawings in an effort to simplify her approach, after oil painting for many years. Jo Martin is inspired by nature, especially the ocean. She focuses on sustainability, aiming to create her artworks from found or gifted pieces. Nicole Miranda is a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist who works in the mediums of painting and ceramics; she is influenced by the beauty of the natural world. Nina Paine…

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May Saturday 6 and Sunday 7, 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 5, 6-9pm All welcome.


Danielle Gild exhibits her latest works in this solo exhibition. Through layers of colour and a degree of abstraction, Dan’s new works expressively interpret landscape, responses to her urban and domestic world in acrylics on both canvas and paper. Dan has also found a passion for ceramics and will be showing some of her explorations in working with clay.    

May Thursday 11 to Sunday 14, 10am - 4pm


Sandy & Sandy are two artists who have been friends since art school days.  They create affordable art based on all aspects of life and scenes from Balmain to Ryde and from the inner west of Sydney to west of the blue mountains.  Both Sandys have an affinity with colour and use light with an impressionistic approach that adds vigour to their art.  The exhibition includes landscapes, still-life, country and urban scenes on paper & canvas.  The diversity of scenes from urban to country life is a contrast that is not only interesting but quite profound.  The abstract to realistic styles of both artists will take the viewer on a fascinating journey. Their painterly styles are complemented by their love of colour and light.  Come along!    

May Saturday 20 and Sunday 21, 10am to 4pm

Opening Friday 19th 6-8pm All welcome


Come and read the stories of individuals, families and communities living near one another and their connections to the churches, local sporting groups, schools and most importantly parks. Add your story or special memory of an event to the number already there whether you have lived in Balmain, worked in Balmain, played sport in Balmain, swam in Dawn Fraser Pool or simply visited Balmain. Join us for the opening this Saturday at 2:00pm with wine and nibbles John Thomson, known to his many friends as Jack, has spent all his life in Balmain. Born in 1927 Jack remembers the days of the Depression, when kind greengrocers put aside “specs”, fruit which had spots on it that they gave to hungry children. As well Jack’s childhood had it trials. Jack will be attending the Watch House at the Exhibition Opening and will sign any sale of Jack’s Story from 2:00pm Saturday…

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September Saturdays 3, 10,17 and 24, 11:00am to 4:00pm

Tuesdays 6,13 and 20 11:00am to 1:00pm

Three Sydney based artists present their latest works in this visual extravaganza using a range of mediums including paintings, mixed media and light projections. Nicholas Beckett presents “Jewels and Fools” Oil paintings on wood and canvas dealing with the frailty of the human condition and the ways in which we navigate this difficult world. Kathryn Henry is showing Mixed media works on canvas and wood – using acrylic paint, oil paint, wax oil crayons. In this body of work she returns to painting exploring illusion via layering within the picture plane, the resulting works a series of process based experiments. Natalie Cassaniti presents,  ‘Odyssey of Dreams Pt I & II’ self-portraits done 10 years apart exploring the themes of self as works on paper and, “Sin, Seduction and Sirens of the Sea” a series of paintings of Mermaids, their power and allure. For more information visit the website  

August, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28, 10am to 5pm

Opening Friday 26 August 6pm to 8pm All welcome.


‘In the middle of the game’ is Sunmee Lee’s second solo exhibition. Sunmee Lee is Sydney based artist and a student of interior design. She endeavours to combine art and interior areas. Her works reflects her daily life as a play so she chooses photographs as a tool to visualise her concept. In daily life, she perceives the images from the walls, streets, buildings and nature.  She synthesizes her photographs into a story. This exhibition is another extension of it. She explores her emotions, experiences and thoughts in her unique methods. Every individual wanders `in the middle of the game called life’.  

October Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 10am-5pm

Opening Fri 30 Sep 6-8pm All welcome


Step into the whimsical imaginings of mixed media artist Alisa Burlington an artist from the quaint town of Rylstone, NSW. She is a graduate from The Sydney College Of the Arts and is the Director of Jewellery label Mon Alisa Design. Her exhibition explores the art of transcendence through both physical and imaginative themes. Weaving narratives through varying collections to reawaken perceptions of awe and wonder for the child within. Here you will find myriad delightful trinkets including bespoke pieces of jewellery, vintage doily dream catchers, hand wired birdcages and vibrant paintings depicting sweet musings from the Artists childhood inspirations. Facebook page: Blog:  

October Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 10am-5pm

Opening Friday 7 6pm-8pm All welcome


This will be an exciting exhibition and sale. Friends of Callan Park will have their exhibition Compassion and Conflict in The Asylum comprising 21 story boards of patients, staff and children who grew up within the walls and the broader community who care about Callan Park. A book with its history, these stories and photographs of these people has been produced and will be available for sale $10. Balmain Library Knitters will display a selection of their of work and their “Wrapped with Love” story board. Find out more about their meetings.    

Saturday 15th October 10am to 4pm


Great opportunity to start your Christmas shopping with original artwork by Richard Sercombe, including mixed media and acrylic works of differing styles and sizes. Two relaxed weekend sales with wine and nibbles all weekend.  Come along at any time and enjoy some wine, nibbles and the artwork.    

October Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 and November Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 9am-6pm

Opening Friday 28, 6-9pm. All welcome


We are a community based group who have come together over the last few years to paint and as time has passed to develop and explore our individual styles. We have formed a strong bond through our time spent painting and discussing all manner of topics. From solving the problems of the world to the latest play or newest movie or even the mini crisis that has occurred at home. We have found that the great support and encouragement from within the group, together with gentle reminders from Lyndall, has allowed us all to continue to pursue our desire to improve. We invite you all to come and see the latest results.

November Saturday 12, 10am-5pm and Sunday 13 10am-4pm